Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Pietro Maximoff Lemon -- Love, The Fall

Character: Pietro Maximoff

Fandom: The Avengers

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: I do plan on opening requests soon, guys!  I just got a new job so I’ve been busy lately.  Also, my email account has been giving me problems lately, so if you’ve emailed me within the last two or so weeks, please resend it.  I’ve fixed the issue and will definitely try my best to get back to everyone! Love you all and hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer :)

You wake up in a blaze of heat, body pounding to the dream that lingers in your head – skin on skin, endlessly strewn against a halo of sheets, pulsing thrusts and moans that could shatter even the thickest silence.  For a moment, you think the dream is reality, and reach over to the other side of the bed to reenact it.  But the place beside you is empty, just as it has been for the past two weeks.
“Damn…” you mutter, and sit up.
The sheets cling to you and you kick them off, reaching up to rub the back of your neck.  One glance at the clock tells you that it’s two in the morning – a ridiculous time to be awake, considering your busy schedule the next day.  But sleep would not come easily; your body still thrums, impatient for another’s touch.  And the man you long for isn’t due to return for another two days.
Pietro’s missions are the worst, at least in your mind.  They often last several days, at most, but this one has dragged out longer than usual.  What was supposed to be a simple recon mission had turned into something bigger, postponing the team’s return date by nearly a week longer than scheduled.  Besides the constant worrying over your boyfriend’s safety (Pietro can be very reckless), there’s also one other side effect of his absence, and it has everything to do with that damned dream.
You’re horny as hell.
With a grumble, you slip out of bed and turn the lamp on.  The room immediately washes with color.  You need to do something about this.  Your body is practically screaming at you.
You haven’t had to deal with your own problems in ages – Pietro is very satisfying and always makes sure you’re beyond pleased.  But Pietro isn’t here, so you frown and shuffle out of your nightshirt and panties before falling back onto the bed, naked.
Only one thing to do, then.
Closing your eyes, you get comfortable against the pillows.  Your hands drag over your body, from the dash of your collarbones over the pillow of your breasts.  Your nipples are rock hard already, and as you pinch them you imagine Pietro’s tongue circling each pert bud. 
Your imagination runs wild.  Thankfully, the dream has already put a clear image of him into your head, and it’s easy to imagine him touching you, staring down at you with his expressive, lustful eyes.  With a moan, you roll over and shuck your knees up, pressing the side of your face into the mattress as you reach down between your legs.  Your hips roll against your fingers, and you try to imagine that you are actually moving against his length – hot and hard as he presses himself against your folds.
“Pietro…” you moan, your voice a whisper of desire.  You wish you had your vibrator to help you along, but when you had moved into the Avengers Tower, the poor thing hadn’t made the cut.  It’s still in the drawer of your nightstand back at the apartment, which you still haven’t gotten rid of because it’s a great place to go when you need to be alone.  It can get rather stressful, living with a group of superhumans.
“Mmm…” you sigh, circling your fingers around your folds.  You’re already so wet but it’s not enough.  This desire is paltry in comparison to the blaze of fire that Pietro stirs within you. 
It’s a good thing, then, that Pietro arrives just in time to turn that desire into passion.
His powers are good for many things, but the most prominent of them all (in his opinion) is that they allow him to return to you that much faster.  While the other Avengers trudge into the tower at their own pace, exhausted and sleepy, Pietro is a wide eyed tornado that gusts passed them.  He’s tired too, of course, but he knows he’ll only be able to sleep once he’s got you curled up around him.
He’s already half out of his shirt by the time he reaches your door on the sixth floor, and lets himself quietly inside your suite.  He doesn’t want to wake you up. 
Of course he doesn’t realize is that you’re already awake until he silently opens the bedroom door.  The sight that immediately greets him is absolutely mouthwatering in its intensity.
You’re still on your knees, face pressed against the bed as your fingers work at your core.  Soft little moans spill from your lips every few seconds, and between the wedges of sound Pietro can hear the faint but telltale sign of his name, dredging up the edges of your voice.  His pants immediately tighten, as does his grip on the doorknob. 
Desire is quick to weave its way into his veins.  He watches, gaping, as your fingers slid in and out of your core.  He’s got the perfect view – the way your hips are angled means that it’s the first thing he’s noticed the moment he opened the door.  He honestly doesn’t think he’s ever seen anything so hot in his life.
The thought shatters the moment he hears you moan, “Pietro…” into the sheets, and his cock twitches with desire.
Yes, the fact that you’re touching yourself whilst thinking of him is even more amazing.  His body seems to agree, because the hardness growing between his legs is quickly becoming a very singular problem.
He steps forward and pulls his shirt the rest of the way off.  He leaves the rest of his clothes on (for now).  All he can think about is replacing your fingers with his tongue.
You don’t even notice his advance into the room.  Your eyes are closed, thrumming up images of him.  You’re so far gone that you hardly even feel the depression of the mattress as another person kneels on it.  But you definitely feel the press of warm hands against your ass, the lingering kiss that brushes over your lower back, the hot breath that pools over your folds.
With a surprised jerk, you gasp and try to wrestle away, but the mystery touch has tightened around your thighs and you can’t move.  It takes you two seconds to realize who, exactly, has crept up on you – and those two seconds are filled with shocked paranoia before a voice you know only too well chuckles.
The voice drawls, “Shh…relax, люблю. [1]” Another kiss is dropped against your thigh. 
“Pietro – “ your voice is a mix of surprise and curdling desire – because Pietro doesn’t waste any time at all.  Not that this comes as a shock.  A moan quickly fills you as his tongue licks a path against your core.
Your fingers drop away and clench into the sheets, and your hips thrust against his face.
“Mm – so eager,” he chuckles, spreading you with two fingers as his tongue makes quick work of you.  You’re keening into the mattress before you even know what hit you.
“Were you thinking about me?” he wonders, nibbling gently on your folds.  He eases his finger inside you and curls it.  A heady flash of desire shoots through him as you clench down around him.
Instead of answering his question, you ask one of your own.  “I – oh – I thought you weren’t…supposed to be back…till Tuesday – mm!”
He sucks hard against you, lapping at you like he can’t get enough.  How long has he wanted to do this!  Two weeks isn’t very long, but to a man who doesn’t abide by the same time constraints as his peers, it is an eternity.  Truthfully, he’s wanted you since the moment he left you two weeks before.
“Change of plans,” he murmurs, sliding his finger out of you to suck on it.  You taste amazing.  He could do this all day.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have all day, and he’s already ridiculously hard.
He pulls away, smirks at your impatient moan, and flips you onto your back before you have the chance to keep up.  You’re met with the sight of him – bright eyes and messy silver hair, bruised lips that shine with your juices.  He’s bare chested and it’s a beautiful sight, but even moreso is the fact that he is so obviously hard.  You stare at his tented pants for all of two seconds before reaching for him, wanting nothing more than to grasp his erection in your hand. 
He snatches your wrists before you have the chance, mouth upturned into a shit eating smirk.  (Probably due to your eagerness.)
Tsk.  Not so fast, [Name],” he murmurs, and you frown.
“Never thought I’d hear you say that,” you mutter, and settle for a different tactic.  A quick rearrangement of your legs around his hips, and you’re pushing your very wet, hot core against his clothed member.  He clearly doesn’t expect this, and the groan that passes through his lips is probably the hottest thing you’ve ever heard.
“Not fair,” he grumbles at you through clenched teeth.  He can’t help it when his hips thrust forward, grinding against you.  He can’t stop himself from doing it again, and again, until you’re both moaning and he’s leaning over you and bearing his
weight against the entirety of your body.
“Never claimed to be fair,” you gasp, clutching his shoulders with tight fingers. 
He rolls his hips against you again and groans, “You don’t even know what you’ve done to me, do you?  The sight of you like that…touching yourself…whispering my name…” 
He groans again and sits back, thinking only of one thing.  He’s got to get these fucking pants off, now.
You lay there, chest heaving as his words trickle through you.  You can only watch as he pulls his erection out, pumps himself once against his hand, and forces your legs apart without preamble.
Usually he takes a bit more time with you, but it’s very clear that you really don’t need it, nor want it.  And being without you for two whole weeks has clearly done a number on him, too.  You can’t find it in yourself to complain when all you really want is to have him fill you up.
The feeling of him stretching you is heavenly.  Your back arches up, hips pushing down against his as he enters you.  He is absolutely rigid.  Searing hot flesh burns with yours, and that very first thrust rattles you like none other.
You whimper his name, and his mouth crashes down against yours in a tempest of teeth and tongue.  The kiss is a perfect match to the tumultuous nature of his thrusts. 
His fingers drag your hair back, tangling into it as his mouth fights yours.  Truthfully, it isn’t much of a battle.  You are prone beneath him but for your hips, which eagerly meet his at every turn.  Desire sears you, shattering like mosaics over your skin until you can hardly breathe.
“Pietro, Pietro – “ you gasp, whimper, clutch at him.  His name is a muffled mantra that is quickly swallowed by his demanding mouth – until he starts to move his lips down, down, down to taste more of you.
You barely notice his distraction until he’s giving your breast a harsh suck, and the breathy moan that leaves your lips has him muttering a curse and all but steamrolling into you.  There is an animalistic nature to his movements now that tell you how close he is.  You don’t want this to ever end, but you are probably even more far gone than he is and you know you won’t be able to hold out for much longer.
“Oh my God – “ you moan, grasping his hair tightly.  The attention he’s giving to your breasts is amazing, and coupled with the furious nature of his thrusts, you think you might shatter at any moment.
Until he suddenly stops.
Your breath hangs in the air, a harsh panting.  Glancing down at him, you frown and blearily wonder, “What’s wrong?”
He can’t stop now.  You need to come.  You’ve only been waiting for this for two whole weeks!
Pietro merely smirks and slowly slides out of you.  The feeling of his cock brushing so deliberately against your inner folds has you biting your lip hard.  You could honestly come just from that, at this point, but you hold yourself back with earnest. 
As he lifts himself up onto his forearms, Pietro murmurs lowly, “I want to fuck you on your knees…like you were when I first came in.” 
He pats your thigh and chuckles at the expression that immediately clings to your face.  It’s such a strange mix of lust and surprise that he can’t help but laugh.
You sit up with a burst of determination.  “Well if that’s all,” you say hurriedly, and quickly clamor up onto your knees without a second thought.  All you can think about is having his cock inside you again.  Nothing else matters.
You nearly moan aloud when you feel his warm hands slide over your ass.  He chuckles again and lines himself up, nestling against your thighs with a smirk.
“I think I like this side of you,” he muses as he pushes himself into you once more.  “Maybe next time I’ll delay my return to another week.  See how crazy I can make you.”  He slaps your ass for good measure.
His words register slowly, because you’re a little distracted by the amazing feeling of him fucking you into the mattress.  When you do register those words, you huff and tightly grasp the sheets. 
“You’d…better not…” you somehow manage to say, though each word comes out very breathlessly.  Your voice is on the edging of a moan.  You hold it in for about as long as it takes Pietro to thrust very deeply into you, which really isn’t long at all.
He lets out a long breath and quickens his pace, dragging his hands all over your back and tracing your spine.  He loves the sight of you like this, face pressed into the sheets and hair splaying out everywhere.  The ridges of your spine stand out starkly against your skin, and he’d like to kiss every one of them.  Another time.  After he fucks you into oblivion.  That sort of gentle romance has no place in this room quite yet.
“Don’t think I could last that long anyway,” he grunts, and grasps your butt tighter as he increases his pace yet again.  He’s practically ramming into you now at a speed that is rather fitting for someone dubbed Quicksilver, but you can’t complain.  There will probably be some bruises tomorrow, but his pace is thrilling and your moans keep pouring from your throat.  He makes you feel amazing.
“Mmm!” you gasp, feeling the coil within your lower body begin to snap.  You’re going to come.  It’s inevitable.  You can’t hold back any longer, and neither, it seems, can he.
“Pietro – “ you cry, clutching the sheets so hard that your knuckles turn white.  He seems to understand your message, and moans when he feels your inner walls contract around his cock.
Мой Бог  [2],” he groans, grasping you hard as you come around him.  “Oh fuck – “
You come with a loud cry, bucking your hips backwards into his and nearly sobbing at the intensity of it all.  Fire burns you, licking at your skin as you hurtle into what you can only describe as pure bliss.  Your mouth opens around your continuous moans, and Pietro clenches his jaw tightly as he spills himself into you with several long thrusts.
His pace turns sporadic after, but he keeps thrusting until your whimpers stop and the buzzing of his high dims.  And then, with one very satisfied sigh, he pulls out of you and lays himself down onto the bed, huffing as his head hits the pillow.
You stare at him for a moment, face set in fuzzy pleasure.  The smile he sends you is gentle and tired, and you remember suddenly that he has traveled a long way to return to you.  He must be exhausted.
“Come here,” you whisper, rolling onto your back and reaching for him.  He comes willingly, pressing his cheek against your chest and humming peacefully as he hooks his arm around your waist.  You curl your hands into his hair and gently start to massage his scalp in small circles, and he sighs languidly.
люблю тебя  [3],” he murmurs, pressing his lips against your chest in soft kiss.  Your body fills with warmth at the foreign phrase, muttered so rarely from his lips.  You know it by heart all the same, and smile.
“Love you too,” you whisper, then reach over to flick off the light.
Sleep comes as naturally as your love making, and as you curl your body around his, you dream only of his smile – the way his eyes light up, the way he tells you he loves you in a language that is not your own.  

[1] люблю  … love

[2]  Мой Бог … My God

[3]  люблю тебя … Love you


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