Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Jasper Hale Lemon -- Blue Sunset

Character: Jasper Hale

Fandom: Twilight

OC: Melody Lexington, biracial, brown eyes, curly hair, bubbly and sarcastic

Inspiration: Because Jasper is probably better than both Edward and Jacob put together.  Actually this isn't even debatable.  Anyway I finally have some smut for Twilight yay.  I'm thinking I need something for Emmett and Carlisle now... ;3

It’s been a long time since she’s spent the entire day in bed.  She’s forgotten how extraordinarily wonderful it is to lie out on the crisp sheets and have her lover idle his way over her body.  She hasn’t forgotten how much she loves it though.  He hasn’t, either.
“Your emotions are going crazy,” he murmurs against the crease of Melody’s neck, inhaling her scent as if he’s absorbing every shard of emotive energy running through her veins.  She hums and lets her hands drift over his bare form, skimming down his chest and thumbing over the sharp hipbones that jut up against his skin.  Jasper exhales slowly as she does and leans back to look at her.  His golden eyes look particularly beautiful in the light of the setting sun.
She quirks her mouth up and murmurs, “I wonder why.”  She supposes it’s really not that difficult to feel crazy (and giddy and happy and relaxed) when he’s hovering over her recently sated body, eyes flashing like he wants to keep satisfying her over and over and over…
He smiles back and chuckles.  “This was a good idea.  We should leave town more often.”  Then he rolls onto his back and drags her on top of him, hooking her knee over his legs as he does.
She hums in agreement, presses open mouthed kisses over the pale, crescent shaped scars on his shoulder, and whispers, “I’m sure the others are just as happy to be rid of us.  We do tend to make a lot of noise.”  She giggles and he squeezes her hip playfully.
Their brief getaway from Forks has done wonders for them already, despite it being a very short one month vacation.  (Very short for them, naturally.)  The constant drama with Bella and Edward and their new daughter has certainly taken its toll on the family, in good and bad ways.  Good, because Renesmee is a lovely child and Edward has stopped sulking and bemoaning his eternal bachelor status.  Bad, because with all the drama (and having a vampire hybrid child in the house), Jasper and Melody’s sex life has taken a sharp downward spiral.
(Something that the others have been no doubt enjoyed, but it’s only made her more moody.  Her libido is very high.)
After a while, Edward apparently got so sick of having to listen to the couple’s sex-deprived thoughts that he practically forced them to take a vacation and get out of the house for a while.  So really, it’s a win-win for all of them.  Edward doesn’t have to listen to Jasper’s thoughts of where he wants to take Melody next, and Melody gets to lay in bed all day long and have her body properly worshipped like she deserves.  It can’t get any better than this.
She hums when she feels Jasper’s hand slide down her hip and trace patterns against her inner thigh.  The move definitely catches her attention and she sends him a leering smirk that he laughs at.  The one good thing about being a vampire is the fact that Jasper has an inhuman recovery rate.  Which she happens to be very thankful of, because she could go all night and never get tired of him.  (Or in this case, all day.)
“It’s our last day here,” she murmurs quietly, her mouth still quirked up in that smirk.  The mischief in her eyes makes them shine like molten gold.  Jasper watches them carefully as he props himself up on his elbow and looks down at her. 
He raises an eyebrow and smirks back.  “So…we should probably take full advantage of it, right?” he asks, shucking her leg up higher before twisting his hand down to grasp her ass.
Melody hums in agreement.  “Quite right.  And this time I want to take you like this.”  She lifts herself up and settles down in his lap, feeling his already hardening erection press against her rear.  He chuckles darkly.
“In my time, people would call you a floozie,” he jokes, tucking his hands beneath her thighs and heaving her closer to him.  She wrinkles her nose at the word and huffs.
“Yeah?  Well these days it’s called being an empowered woman who knows what she wants,” Melody purrs, leaning forward and shuffling her hips against his.  She watches his reaction with a smirk, noting the shiver that spins down his spine and the way his fingers tense against her skin. 
Jasper tilts his head back and closes his eyes, swallowing tightly when she starts grinding down against him. 
“Never said there was anything wrong with that,” he mutters.  His hands slide up her body and he shivers again when Melody presses her bare chest against his.  She tangles her fingers into his wavy hair and crashes her mouth against his.  As always, he meets her half way, kissing her back with a vengeance as if he’s merely been waiting for her to act. 
It’s all fangs and tongue, brutal in a way that’s made purely of a particular brand of breathless desire.  It hangs above them as if it’s part of the spiraling weave of dimming sunlight that filters into the room and gets under their skin in the most wistfully intense manner.  She can hardly describe it, hardly understand – words were never her strong point, but she sinks into him anyway because sometimes, words aren’t necessary anyhow.
Jasper reads her like a book without a summary, skimming his hands up and down her body as he constantly takes in her silent waves of passion.  When he nips at her lower lip, Melody moans and clutches his hair tighter, grinding her hips down against his in payback.
He growls and the sound sends a flurry of instinctual need down her body.  He kisses her like he’s never wanted to kiss anyone quite so badly in his very long life, and she loves every second of his desperate fiery desire as he presses it into hers.  Moments like these, she barely remembers that he can do that – mold his emotions with hers, send her toppling over with the full brunt of his passion.  It feels so much like her own that the naturalness of it takes her breath away.  They’re two sides of the same coin; a mirror image of intense frenzy.
“Mm – that’s not fair, Jazz,” she groans as she feels her desire abruptly skyrocket in an almost fabricated way.  It’s not fabricated; it’s just not entirely hers.  Or at least it hadn’t been before she’d felt it.  Her body is suddenly on fire, aching all the way down to her toes.  The arousal that he’s sharing with her is a fluttery mess of desire and hungry need, and she suddenly can’t think of anything except pulling him inside her to sate the fast burning pulse of desire.
He has the gall to look innocently confused, but she can see the mischief behind his golden eyes even when he quite skillfully wonders, “What’s not fair?”
He smirks and spreads her ass, drifting his hand down the crevice to trace over her folds.  She’s dripping wet – undoubtedly a result of both her own natural desire for him (which is always there, lurking in the back of her mind), and his own particular talents making her body go haywire. 
He’s pulled this trick before and she doesn’t really mind.  She loves to feel what he feels; to know the full extent of his passion and what she does to him.  She just likes to have a little warning before he unleashes his emotive power on her.  Not that she’s going to complain, of course.  To be honest, all she wants to do right now is fuck him so hard he’ll see stars.  (And her, too, if she’s lucky.)
Melody moans and hovers close to his face, lips brushing over his as her expression tumbles into melted need.  He watches her closely as his fingers stroke her cunt.  When he flicks over the nub at the top of her clit, she feels a burst of powerful, curdling hunger and he smiles because he feels it too, drifting from her skin into his.
Sex with Jasper Hale is never boring, at least.
“Your emotions are all on fire,” he whispers, almost in wonderment despite the fact that they’ve danced with dance before and it shouldn’t surprise him so much.  But it always does, these feelings, her love for him coming forth in physical form.  It never fails to amaze him in the best possible way.
As he slides two fingers inside her, he breathes, “It’s like you’re burning.  Are those your emotions or mine?” 
The question hangs in the air for a moment as Melody groggily shifts through his words.  It’s a bit hard to pay attention when he’s thrusting his fingers inside her like that, rubbing against her inner walls and twisting a messy orgasm into existence at the back of her mind.  Somehow she manages to hear him though, and against his neck she moans, “Ours – mmm…they’re ours.”
And they’re spinning together in a cocktail of undecipherable lust. 
Jasper chuckles throatily and leans down to kiss her neck.  His sharp teeth drift over her skin and, when he sinks them gently into the crease of her shoulder, she keens and rocks her hips down, taking his fingers deeper inside her.  The move very nearly makes him lose his self control, which is already indulgently frayed from spending the afternoon between these sheets.
He’s never had very good control anyhow and Melody likes to see it break.  She wriggles her hips against his fingers again and moans louder – a drawn out sound that edges into his name, with a generous ‘fuck yes’ attached to the end.  It’s enough to leave Jasper feeling more than a little out of control, and this time he acts on it.
She’s flat on her back within seconds, and he’s filling her up before she can even orient herself to the sudden change in position.  She catches on quick though – it’s impossible not to when he’s thrusting into her with that reckless wanton need – and Melody arches into him with a hissing keen that sounds half delirious, half pleased.
“Fuck Jasper!” she groans, nails scratching their way down his back as he hovers over her.  His hands are hot against her hips and he drags them forcibly against him, bucking into her like it’s the only thing he knows how to do.  The way his hips piston into hers leaves her ragged and she drowns into the mattress with a sharp cry as he breaches her in all the right places.
He groans, coming down onto his elbows.  One hand remains poised at her hip as he shucks her forward, encouraging her to meet his thrusts.  She does, hips bucking frantically as she tries to take him as deeply as possible.  His teeth bear down to her neck again, scraping at the skin but not breaking it.  It sends thrills down her spine when she feels his fangs against her, and she looks down at the mass of dark blonde curls that her fingers are currently gripping. 
She throws her head back and exposes the graceful arch of her neck to him, thoroughly enjoying the way his lips immediately caress every inch of it.  When he licks her pulse point and murmurs, “That it, darlin’,” against her, Melody clenches down on him harder and he groans.
One other good thing about vampires: they’re really fast.  His hips move so quickly that Melody barely gets a break before he’s slamming into her once more.  His cock drags back, the tip remaining buried just inches inside her folds, and then he pounds forward with a force that, had she been a breakable human, would have left Melody with a broken pelvis.
But she’s not a fragile human; she’s a vampire capable of meeting Jasper halfway in the bedroom and today, she’s not about to ignore her own strength. 
She hooks her leg around him and flips him over on his backward thrust, pushing him so hard into the mattress that he lets out a surprise ‘omph!’ and rips the sheet he’d been gripping near her head.  His cock slides out of her but remains rigid as she slowly meanders over his form – too slowly, she knows as his eyes flashes dangerous up at her from the halo of his curls.  He growls.  She just raises an eyebrow and crawls into his lap.
“Couldn’t keep up?” he snarks in a rare display of sarcasm.  Melody purrs at the sight of him and doesn’t complain when he grabs her hips and shucks her against his length.  She wants him inside of her again, and she’d be blind and stupid not to see how badly he wants to sink into her too – but she wants to do it her way this time.  A little bedroom dominance never hurt anyone.
“Let’s see if you can keep up,” she murmurs, eyes narrowing into a maelstrom of desire and danger.  He smirks and watches her line his cock up and sink down on him.  The feel of her tight heat surrounding him is exquisite and he immediately tries to buck up and push his length further inside her.  But Melody only hums and lifts her hips to stop his rebellious move.  He scowls at her.
“I’m not in the mood for teasing, Mel,” he growls, gripping her hips with a force that should have left dark bruises on her skin.  It’s a good thing she’s resilient.  He looks perfectly dangerous and seconds away from rolling her over and fucking her like he’d done before, so she gives in.
She rocks down on his cock and takes all of him in one sudden thrust, leaving him groaning deeply and squeezing her hips harder.  Barely a moment passes before she’s thrusting back, dragging him out of her and then – forward again, until he’s hilted balls deep and Melody is setting a pace just as furious as his.
She wonders if they look like rutting wild animals.  That’s what she feels like as she throws herself against him, hands on his chest for leverage, and bucks her hips relentless against his.  Beneath her, Jasper’s expression is tight and loose at the same time – a perfect clash of warring emotions that always means he’s trying to hold back his orgasm.  She loves that expression.  Loves the fact that he’s trying to hold out for her.  But what she really loves?  When he comes without meaning to and she gets to watch every single desire pass over his face as she drags his finish out for him.
She leans down and bites at his chest, trailing her mouth over the scars that litter his skin.  It’s an intimate area for him – both emotionally and physically – and he groans and cups her head when she nips gently at the pale marks.  Then, tearing her mouth to his neck and biting at his jaw, she growls, “Come on, Jazz…fuck me harder…mmm, that’s right…”
He bucks hard upward and she moans.  There’s a tight look in his eyes when he catches hers.  He knows exactly what she’s trying to do, talking like that, and his eyes narrow.  When he keeps bucking hard against her, Melody’s not entirely sure if he’s trying to make her pay for trying to push his orgasm faster, or if it’s because he genuinely can’t help himself.
Naturally she needs to find out.  Her curiosity is ravenous.
She threads her hands into his hair and pulls it, watching his eyes flutter and feeling his fingers fluctuate against her hips.  With a moan that makes him shiver, she breathes, “Feels so good inside me…fuck, that’s good – Jasper – “
He suddenly thunders upright into a sitting position and growls, “Good girls shouldn’t say such dirty things, darlin’.”  He scoops one arm around her hips and reaches up to clutch at her breast before ducking his head down to suck at it.  He lets her keep the pace though, and she doesn’t disappoint as she rocks her hips in time with his.
Melody groans and bites his ear, “I don’t want to be a good girl; it just want you to come inside me and fill me up.” 
The groan he lets out when he hears her is so enticing that she feels her own orgasm lick at the edges of her vision.  The uncontrollable way Jasper suddenly twists them around and pushes her into the edge of the mattress should be warning enough for his orgasm.  Her loud moan as he bucks into her warns him too.  His final thrusts are so powerful and deep that he actually shifts the bed several inches before coming with a growl, fisting the sheets near her hips so hard that he can feel the threads break.
“Fuck,” Melody moans when he finally stills, her face buried against his neck.  After a moment, Jasper gives a long exhale and shifts her into his arms, laying her onto the mattress before following her down.  The sunlight has dimmed and they lie together in a pool of it for a few minutes before Melody turns and catches his eye.
“Well,” she grins, looking perfectly satiated and very pleased.  Jasper laughs at the sight and rests his arms behind his head and a boyish smile.
“Well,” he responds, as if they haven’t just had the best sex she can remember and left the bed in tatters.
“We’ll probably have to pay for this,” she murmurs, feeling several of the holes in the sheets before turning to Jasper with a purring smirk.  He watches her carefully, looking like a chiseled God stretched out like that, all his perfect skin on display.  He wears nudity very well, she notes, and slides a hand down his chest.
“…Sometimes I think you have a stronger sex drive than I do,” he mutters, but ultimately doesn’t stop her as she wraps her fingers around his cock and starts pumping it in her hands.  He feels himself harden in her grasp and hums when he watches her sit up and kiss his hip.  So she wants to play it this way?
Melody gives him a mischievous smirk and responds, “Today’s our last day.  We have to make the most of it.”
Jasper only groans as he feels her mouth slide down his length.  He suddenly doesn’t have the words to answer her.  He doubts very much that she minds.
Third good thing about being a vampire: they don’t have to sleep.  As late afternoon turns to evening and then night, they continue to make love and let time skip along without them.



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