Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Lavi Lemon -- Ensnared (With You)

Character: Lavi

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Here’s some Lavi smut for you guys.  I’m slowly cycling through all the requests, so be patient with me please.  In a perfect world I would inhale coffee instead of oxygen and spend all my time writing but.  It’s not a perfect world and unfortunately we need oxygen to survive.  Tragedy.

Before this moment, you’ve never considered the multiple uses of silk scarves.  Lavi has a lot of ideas though, and they’re usually pretty great.  You’re just not entirely sure if this one fits into that particular category.
“…It’s comfortable, at least,” you mutter, watching him lean over you as he knots the scarf around your wrist.  He flashes you a grin and checks the knot to make sure it’s tight enough.
“Sure is,” he responds, dropping down to kiss your wrist before unraveling another silk scarf.  “And it’s pretty hot, too.”
You roll your eyes, but some part of you can’t deny that he’s right.  It is kind of hot.  You’ve never been tied to a bed before, so it’s also very novel.
“How’s that?” he asks, tugging on the knot that he’s just tied around your other wrist.  You twist your face up and shift experimentally.  They aren’t budging.
“It’s fine,” you say, and you’re surprised to find that you actually mean it.  If anyone else were to suggest something like this, you would not be so comfortable.  But Lavi has this amazing (and sometimes infuriating) way of making everything perfect.  Even something like bondage seems light and fresh when he’s the one tying you up.
He leans back and looks down at you with a critical eye, as if he’s checking his work.  It’s almost amusing, really, the way his fingers flutter over your body and tug at the knots and at your clothes.  He shifts them aside – it’s easy cause they’re already loosened and undone – and smirks at you.  Yes, it would’ve been amusing, except all you feel right now is the dull ache of arousal, which you’ve been pushing aside for as long as you could manage.  You don’t want to appear too overeager.
“Mmm…you look great,” he tells you, brushing his fingers beneath the cups of your bra.  His calloused fingertips seem to burn you, washing your skin with a heat that extends far beyond his touch.  You peer up into his eyes, and the lighthearted desire that touches their edges make you smirk.
“Do I?” you wonder, twisting a little as you test the strength of the bonds.  You noticed the way his eyes flashed at you when you did it before and you’ve got a feeling he likes the sight of you writhing around. 
Lavi’s hands drop down your body, skimming over the edge of your panties and up the tops of your thighs.  He presses a kiss to you bent knee and lifts your leg into the air, uncurling it and resting your limb on his shoulder.  When he turns his head to kiss your ankle, you sigh.
“Should I tie up your legs, too?” he murmurs, spearing you with a heated look that sends shivers roiling up and down your spine.
You wrap your other leg around his waist and pout.  “I want to be able to hold you like this, at least,” you say, and use the momentum of your body to arch into his groin.  The hard feeling of his clothed erection makes you bite your lip as arousal shoots through you. 
He laughs, but it’s a shaky sort of sound, dredged up from the dark recesses of his passion.  His eyes flutter closed as you grind down against him and he squeezes your ankle as if trying to reign in his self control.  He has quite a lot of it, but you tend to make him feel like a kid just discovering sex for the first time.  It might concern him if it isn’t so thrilling.
“I guess I can’t argue with that,” he mutters, still overcome by the raw desire that thunders through him as you continue to bear down on him.  The thought of tying you up complete is certainly intriguing though.  He might have to keep a few of his scarves by the bed in the future.
His scarves are the main reason you’re in your current situation.  You have (in his opinion) a rather endearing habit of buying them for him whenever you go out on missions.  He likes your gifts, but you’ve noticed how he rarely ever wears them around his neck.  You always see him in his favorite green scarf and you cornered him about it just a little while ago, asking if he even likes the other ones you’ve bought and if you should stop wasting money on things he’ll never use. 
So he’d decided to show you just how useful a collection of silk scarves can be.  You’re not upset now, at any rate.
Hovering above you with a growing smirk, Lavi leans forward.  His hands move to either side of your head and he sinks down, rocking his hips into yours and watching the way your eyes flutter just so.  There is a strange, intense gentleness of the air that’s hard to describe but beautiful to witness, and when he kisses you it goes straight to your heart.
“Mmm…” you sigh, kissing him back eagerly.  In your eagerness, you’re a little bit sloppy, but Lavi doesn’t seem to mind.  He chuckles against your mouth and darts his tongue out to taste you, rocking his hips incessantly against yours.  You’re both still wearing underwear but the feeling of his arousal pressing against your heat is still ridiculously arousing.
It’s strange, not being able to lift your hand and bury it into his hair.  You try to, forgetting that you’re tied down and unable to move your arms.  When you don’t budge from your position you whimper in aggravation, wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into. 
Lavi just smirks at the sound and murmurs, “What’s wrong, you don’t like the submissive position?”  He gives a low laugh and nips at your bottom lip as if driving the point home.
As he starts pressing kisses down your body, you squirm against the restraints and him, panting, “I don’t know yet.  I just wish I could touch you properly.”
It’s such an honest answer that Lavi groans against your neck.  He loves that about you – the way you’re so frank when it comes to things like this.  And everything else, too, but especially sex.  You’re unafraid to say what’s on your mind.
He nips at your collarbone and whispers, “Maybe if you’re a good girl, I’ll give you a reward.”  The smile he sends you then is really more like a smirk in disguise and you frown at him. 
“I’m not a dog,” you mutter, wrapping both legs around his waist and pouting up at the ceiling.  You don’t pout for very long though.
Lavi’s fingers are brushing over your bra, hooking into the cups and dragging them down below your breasts.  Your nipples are already taut and sensitive, so when his lips come down to suck at one, you can’t possibly stop the whimper from darting into existence.
He’s really good with his hands, you’ll give him that.  Especially when you realize where his other one is going.
“Lavi – oh!” you gasp, and immediately roll your hips against the hand that’s suddenly between the apex of your thighs, rubbing you through your panties as his mouth continues his assault on your breast.
“Like that?” he wonders almost casually, and abandons your nipple for just a moment to send you a leering grin.  He’s back before you can respond, switching to your other breast and giving it an almost harsh suck that has your toes curling…or is your reaction due to the way his fingers are bypassing the thin fabric of your panties and touching you properly?  You don’t even know anymore.
“Lavi,” you moan, body twisting indulgently on the mattress.  His fingers are wicked as they stroke your heat and slowly push inside you.  “More…give me another…” you tell him in a shaky voice.  He chuckles and thumbs over the top of your clit, watching you moan and shiver with heady eyes.
“So demanding,” he tsks, but doesn’t tease you too much.  He adds another finger inside you and starts pumping them in and out of your cunt.  You’re so wet already and it makes him slightly crazy, but not enough to go too fast.  He wants to enjoy unraveling you.
You open your mouth to answer him but your breath is taken away when he nips at your breast and simultaneously curls his fingers inside your core.  The keen you give is enough to make his cock twitch in excitement.  He rubs your inner walls until he finds your G-spot, and at that point you’re a total mess as you sink into the mattress with a drawn out moan.
“You wanna come?” Lavi purrs, licking your nipple with a smirk.  His eyes are mischief exemplified and he wears it well. 
“Y-y-yes!” you pant, tilting your hips up frantically.  You’re so close already from that little move of his that you know it won’t take long…but Lavi seems to be in a patient mood tonight.  He draws his fingers out of you a moment later and chuckles at the way you immediately glare at him.
“Lavi, you – fuck, what are – oh God!” you moan as he crawls down your body and starts licking at your dripping cunt without preamble.  If either of you is a dog, it’s him, because he’s practically lapping at you as if you’re the best thing he’s ever tasted.
“Mmmm…” he moans against your folds.  The vibration of his voice is subtle but still enough where you feel it buzzing over you, and you gasp sharply as his fingers join the fray once more.  Before long, he’s pumping two digits into you and spinning his tongue over every inch of your slit. 
Your orgasm thunders through you without warning and you clamp down on your bottom lip, head thrown back as you tug on the restraints.  It’s an exquisite sight, Lavi thinks as he watches from between your legs.  He coaxes your orgasm from you tenaciously, even when your cunt stops spasming around his fingers and you sink down bonelessly.  He wants to see if he can make you come twice in one go.  He likes a challenge.
So he doesn’t stop, just keeps licking and pumping.  The only difference is that now he’s going faster, sucking harder, rubbing at your G-spot more frantically.  And you react so beautifully as he does, hips pushing up as he works at your sensitive flesh.
“Lavi,” you murmur, chest heaving.  You’re caught between being over-sensitive and not getting enough of his constant movements.  The world around you is blurry and dulled down, and all you can think about is the way those sharp green eyes are watching you.
“Come for me again.  Let me watch you,” he says, taking a short break as he kisses your inner thigh.  His mouth is bruised and reddish, shining with your juices as he looks down at you.  The sight is addictive and extremely satisfying.
“Give me your cock and I’ll come for you,” you purr, grinding your hips against his hand.  He swallows, pauses, before deciding that he really can’t say no to that.  A moment later, he’s shuffling out of his boxers and tossing the remainder of his clothes to the floor, along with the panties that are still clinging to your knees.
Your first thought is that he’s stunningly glorious when he’s naked and hard.  Your second thought, as he leans back and pulls your thighs together, is that you’re not sure what he’s doing.  Your third thought isn’t so much of a thought as it is a shot of burning desire, because that’s when you realize where he’s going with this.
His cock is pushing between your legs, sliding against the outer folds of your cunt.  He throws your legs over one of his shoulders and smoothes his hands down your thighs, dragging you rather abruptly down the mattress so that the backs of your thighs are pressed against the crevice of his hips and waist.
And then he starts thrusting, and you swear that even sex itself isn’t as arousing as the sight he makes.
You look down at watch as he ruts against you, squeezing your thighs tightly.  Every forward movement and you see the tip of his cock slide into the small thatch of hair above your clit; every backward thrust and his cock drags down against your wet folds with abandon.  You feel him against your thighs and against your cunt and it’s almost as arousing as feeling him inside you.  Almost.
Lavi turns his head and kisses the knee that’s propped up over his shoulder.  When he looks back down and catches your eye, his gaze is bleary with arousal and not as sharp anymore.  You’re personally finding it very difficult to breathe, and the look on his face only adds to the difficulty.
“That’s better, isn’t it?” he murmurs with a groan, thrusting forward again.  When he drags back, he pauses and reaches down for his cock before pressing it against your entrance.  You hold your breath tightly…and then release it when he only pushes in a few inches before drawing back and returning to your thighs.
“Lavi,” you moan, your voice sounding more like a complaint than anything else.  You glower at him from below and he chuckles darkly.
He does it again, guiding it cock only a few inches inside you before pulling out.  But this time, he keeps thrusting very shallowly into you and it’s quickly making your impatient skyrocket.
You take matters into your own hands.  (Or there-lack of.)
With a huff, you tilt your thighs down and force his cock deeper inside you.  Lavi inhales sharply, eyelids fluttering, and squeezes your legs.  But he doesn’t pull out of you.  The mere thought of doing so has utterly vanished when you circle your hips, grinding down against him while groaning his name.
“Impatient,” he mutters, but doesn’t seem to be complaining.  He pulls your legs off his shoulders and nestles between your thighs before bearing down on you with the full force of his thrusts.  You immediately moan at the feel of him filling you so perfectly and tilt your hips up to take him deeper.
“You were t-teasing too much,” you pant as he quickens his pace.  His thrusts are so fast that you can barely keep up, but it doesn’t stop you from trying.  You twist your body, writhing beneath him as stars cloud your vision.  Another orgasm already?  Christ, he’s good.
Lavi feels your walls convulsing around him and he thunders forward, pumping into you and loving the way your cunt tightens as you come.  You do so with a cry, expression melting so beautifully that it takes all he’s got not to follow after you.
He wants to enjoy you more. 
“Okay,” he pants, hips rolling forward without pause.  “That was two.  Think I can make you come one more time?”  He circles his hips into yours with a smirk and you cry out again because you’re so sensitive.
“You’re gonna make me die!” you murmur into your arm, turning your face away and closing your eyes.  It feels so good, so good to have him like this, so arousing to be tied down and to have him do whatever he wants. 
Lavi hums, draws back, and throws one of your legs over.  Suddenly you’re rolling on your side and Lavi is shoving his knee between your legs, hands moving over your body as he guides his cock back inside you.  The ties binding your wrists twist from the new position and prohibit your movements even more than before, which is oddly even more exciting.  You bite your lip when he slides back into you and your back arches without permission.
Just when you think it can’t get any better, Lavi’s hand twists between your legs and starts rubbing at you relentlessly, and suddenly you’re moaning loudly and bucking your hips back against him and coming for the third time in less than thirty minutes.
He groans at the sight you make.  You’re even wetter than before and when you start to come again, the way your muscles spasm over his cock is nothing short of heavenly.  Which is probably why he doesn’t even try to stop himself from coming too.  He can’t possibly hold it off any longer, especially not when you’re bucking so furiously against him and moaning like that into the pillow.
He lets himself with a grunt, burying his face into your neck as his hips move harder against yours.  He feels himself explode and groans.  It feels so good to come undone inside you that he keeps going just for the sheer sake of it, until finally he pulls out and curls himself around you.
You’re so out of it that you barely notice him untying the scarves until he’s gently rolling you over and pulling you into his arms.
Lavi smirks and kisses your temple.  “How’d you feel?” he asks, rubbing his hand up your back idly.
You’re still breathing hard when you snuggle into him and murmur, “Like I could sleep for days.”  You pause, then add, “Also I’m going to keep buying you scarves.  I kinda like how you use them.”  You kiss the center of his chest with a tired grin.
Lavi laughs.  “I told you it’d be worth it.  Next time I’m tying up your ankles too.”
You have just enough energy to playfully slap him and mutter, “Next time, I’m tying you up and making you come three times.”
He snorts.  “Yeah?  Be prepared to not get any sleep then.”
You shrug.  One sleepless night is a small price to pay, especially when it involves him.



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  2. I choked up and squealed like a kid who got their Christmas presents when I read this, though my present was this fanfic. It's a beautiful piece of art as always!

    Just... That was amazing. Every one of your lemons is on my favorites. Or. Well, the ones with my favorite characters in it, though I like all of them.

    1. Glad you like it! It turned out pretty decent methinks. ;3

  3. {Quote: In a perfect world I would inhale coffee instead of oxygen} Madame, you are a genius. :)

  4. *fans self* I would indeed like to read Lavi tied up and at my mercy. *wink wink*