Friday, September 23, 2016

A Pietro Maximoff Lemon -- Red Ravine

Character: Pietro Maximoff

Fandom: The Avengers

OC: Charlotte, quiet, bit of a bookworm

Inspiration: I couldn’t resist writing one for Pietro. ;) Enjoy!

Charlotte loves Autumn.  She loves watching the trees changes color from her window and curling up with a blanket and a good book.  She loves taking walks outside the Avengers Tower where she works and have the chilly breeze take her breath away.  Autumn is her favorite season.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants to be out in said chilly weather all the time.
She doesn’t know why she agreed to this.
(Well actually she does, but she doesn’t want to admit that her interest in Pietro Maximoff goes beyond the mandatory crush.)
“Look!” he says with a grin, gesturing at one of the wooden signs that have been staked into the trail.  “We’re almost at the top.”
He turns back to her to share his excitement and she tries to smile back, but the way Pietro’s eyebrow jaunts up, she knows she doesn’t fool him.  He chuckles.
“You know you didn’t have to come,” he tells her, uncapping a water bottle and handing it over.  She wrinkles her nose at him but takes it nonetheless, not about to refuse when her throat is parched and her heart rate is elevated from the exercise.
For someone who spends the majority of her day in the lab doing research for Tony’s latest ideas, she doesn’t get out much.  She leaves the tough workouts to the people who can actually handle them.
“I know, but you had such a pitiful look on your face when you asked me,” Charlotte mumbles, taking a swig of the water.  Pietro snorts and crosses his arms.  She immediately blushes and hurries to add, “Plus I wanted to!  Really.”
He doesn’t look convinced.
“You said you liked hiking,” he reminds her as she hands the bottle back to him.  He puts it in the backpack he’s wearing, which is empty save for food and water.  She’s glad he’s not hauling around a tent or something – the idea of spending the night with him intrigues her, but she’s sure she’d embarrass herself in some colossal way before morning and he’d never ask her to do something like this again.
Charlotte glances up at him and tentatively says, “…I didn’t realize you wanted to climb a literal mountain.”
He laughs and pats her on the shoulder.  “What’s that American phrase Wilson’s always saying?  Go big or go home?”
She snorts at the way his accent drips over the phrase and rubs her forehead.  Sam Wilson would say something like that.  He’s as obsessed with working out as the rest of them.
Pietro shrugs and turns back to the trail.  Over his shoulder, he calls, “Besides, it’s not like you have to hike back down.  I’ll just run us to the bottom.” 
Charlotte stares at his back with a hesitant expression that he can’t see because he’s looking ahead at where the trail bends around a large boulder.  She turns his words around in her head with some chagrin and feels herself blush again.  Running them back down the mountain would save hours of time, but it would also mean that he’d have to hold her.  The sense of giddy fear that bubbles to the surface of her emotions makes her pause long enough for Pietro to notice.
“Coming?” he asks, tilting his head at her like a cat.
He’s nothing like a cat though, not really.  He’s more like a Labrador, always on the move to the next best thing, leaving behind anything that’s too slow for his liking.  She doesn’t want to be left behind, so Charlotte trudges forward earnestly, her mind set on what it will feel like to have his arms around her as the world rushes her by.
It’s as much incentive as any to reach their destination, and by the time they walk out onto the mountaintop, Charlotte is happy she’d accepted to his invitation. 
To call it a mountain is really an exaggeration, but it certainly does look impressive as she joins him near the manmade platform at the top.  They look down at the vivid display of oranges and golds and reds.  It’s like an ocean of fire that seems to stretch on forever. 
There’s no one else here despite this being a New York public park, and it lends to the tender atmosphere Charlotte can feel building up between them.  Pietro, for once, is completely still and seems somewhat awed by the view. 
She’s tempted to say something, anything to break the silence.  But it’s not an uncomfortable one and so she just lets it linger, turning her attention outward and wondering why she’s never done something like this before.
When Pietro had asked her to go with him, she’d been in the middle of the lab with her nose practically attached to her laptop screen.  Her desk had been strewn with papers and she’d been scribbling messily in one of her many journals, working out the kinks of Tony’s most recent invention.  The genius could’ve done all that himself, of course, but he’s been busy doing other things.  Like saving the world and trying to appease an every-annoyed fiancée each time he accidentally breaks the law in the name of justice.  (I.e. more frequently than the PR division lets the public believe.)
She hadn’t expected Pietro to waltz into the lab and ask her what she was up to.  Hadn’t expected him to randomly ask, “You like Autumn, right?”
She hadn’t expected him to invite her along on this hike, but when he’d told her that no one else wanted to go with him…
She’s a sucker for the underdog.  (And besides, it’s Pietro.  Pietro who she’s had an enormous crush on since the first time she saw him all those months before, in the middle of happily aggravating Tony when he’d ran into her and sent her huge stack of paperwork flying in every direction.)
Charlotte doesn’t know how he’d remembered that she likes Autumn or that she enjoys being outside during this season.  He must’ve been paying more attention than she’s used to people paying to her – especially ridiculously attractive men who coincidentally have super powers beyond the ordinary.
When she feels him start fidgeting beside her, Charlotte laughs and glances at him.
“Finished taking in the view?” she wonders, knowing full well how narrow his range of attention can be when he’s bored.
He raises an eyebrow and glances down at her in an almost callous way, eyes ducking from her face to her legs.  Then he says with a smirk, “Just getting started.”
She gapes at him.  Did he just check her out in a ridiculously obvious way and then hit on her?  Her normal response would be to blush and step away, but it’s Pietro and the normal rules don’t apply.  Instead she gives a surprised laugh because for some reason it’s suddenly hilarious and shakes her head at him.
“I can’t believe you just did that,” she mumbles, turning back to the sea of orange that tumbles down the mountainside.
Pietro grunts and gives a shrug.  He’s standing closer than she’d thought, because his shoulder brushes hers.
“What, you didn’t see that coming?” he innocently asks.  She rolls her eyes at the use of his favorite catchphrase and he chuckles.
A gentle breeze blows over the mountain and Charlotte shifts, suddenly unsure as she remembers his altogether random invitation for today’s excursion.  It had been so unexpected that she is still reeling from it…as well as wondering if she really is just the ‘back-up’ friend that he’d asked only because no one else would go with him.  She’s been there before and it’s not a nice realization, especially when the person in question happens to be a long time crush.
“Why did you ask me to go on this hike with you?” she asks, feeling a startlingly potent need to know the truth.  It’s been bugging her for a while now, ever since the initial excitement had started to dull down.
Pietro doesn’t seem to expect the question though.  When he looks at her, there is surprise in his gaze.  He clearly hadn’t seen that coming.
After a pause, Pietro furrows his eyebrows and says, “Because I wanted to.”
It’s such a classic male response that Charlotte gives him a look.  He laughs and adds, “Do I need a reason to hang out with you?”
Suddenly knowing how silly she’s being, Charlotte shakes her head.  “No, of course not.  It’s just that we don’t normally…hang out.”
He tilts his head and looks at her as if she’s a wildly complicated problem that he can’t puzzle out.
“All the more reason,” he shrugs, then grins down at her.  “Besides, I thought it’d be a good date idea.”
Charlotte, who had turned back to the spectacular view, makes a shocked choking noise at the words.  She swings her head toward him to look at his amused face and blurts, “What?”
It’s his turn to give her a look, but there’s some surprise lingering behind his words as he says, “Wait, you didn’t know this was a date?”
She stares in incredulous silence and Pietro laughs.
“But you’re wearing nice clothes.  You put make-up on.  And you’ve been staring at my ass the entire time we were hiking,” he adds with a mischievous smirk.
Her face immediately turns a bright red.  Is she really that transparent?  She opens her mouth, then shuts it again.  With an air of complete denial, Charlotte insists, “I always wear nice clothes and I was not checking you out the entire time.”
He chuckles like he doesn’t believe her.
“But you were checking me out for part of the time.”
Charlotte groans and mutters, “I can’t be held responsible for that.”  Seriously.  Pietro has a really great ass.  It would be a sin not to look.
She tentatively glances up at him, blushing hard.  He’s got that look in his eyes that make her wary.  It’s the look he gets whenever he’s about to do something that will totally shock her.
With a hum, Pietro shuffles closer, resting his hand on the railing that overlooks the orange ravine they’re standing in front of.  “I guess Tony was right.  You are a little oblivious.”
Charlotte scowls up at him, heart hammering as he shuffles even closer.  Her initial reaction is to take a step back and it’s very hard not to.  Pietro makes her want to turn and run whilst simultaneously throw her arms around him.  It’s a little conflicting, to be honest.
“I am not,” she tells him with a frown.
He makes a face.  “Are too.”
“Not I’m – “
“Cause if you weren’t oblivious, you’d know that when I asked you to come with me today, I was asking you out on a date,” he interrupts with a smirk, and she falls quiet.
Okay, maybe she’s a little oblivious.  Just a little.  That doesn’t mean she’s going to admit it though.
“How was I supposed to know that?  You flirt with everyone – “
Her words fall immediately silent when Pietro zeros in on her, pushing her against the railing as he shuffles into her personal space.  Their thighs are touching, denim on denim, and both his arms are caging her in.  He has her cornered in the most delicious way.
“I do not flirt with everyone,” he insists, falling easily back into their previously childish banter.
Charlotte raises an eyebrow.  “You do too.”
“I only seriously flirt with you,” he tells her, and she falls silent again for a different reason.  Hope flares up inside her. 
In an unusual moment of courage, Charlotte murmurs, “I only seriously flirt with you, too.”
He smiles as if it’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to him.  Though it doesn’t stop him from snarking, “You never flirt anyway.”
She’s about to tell him that she does too flirt, but Pietro cuts her off again.  This time, with his mouth.
He kisses her so quickly that she loses her breath from surprise, rather than satisfaction.  When he pulls away, Pietro smirks at her red cheeks and leans in again, but this time she’s ready for him.  As his lips press against hers once more, Charlotte raises her hands to grasp his neck and hold him in place.
She decides that this is much better than having a circular argument that will get them nowhere, and when she kisses him back, Pietro proves her point.  His lips move against hers like he’s been thinking of kissing her for months – maybe he has, and Charlotte really is as oblivious as he claims.  At this point she doesn’t care.
All she cares about is the way her heart is fluttering and the way he’s moving his hands to hold her and the fact that she’s actually kissing Pietro Maximoff.
He groans against her mouth and takes it deeper, sucking at her bottom lip and tracing his tongue over it.  The exchange of heat makes her cling to him, gripping his broad shoulders tightly and careening against his body with a boldness she never knew she had. 
Her unusual courage is going to extremes today.
“Pietro…” she murmurs, sighing out as he slowly releases her lip from between his.  When her eyes flutter open, she sees that he’s already looking at her.  His usually sharp blue eyes are silvery in the late afternoon light, and they’re filled with an emotion she can’t quite place.  They’re soft in a way she’s never seen them, gentle and almost caressing.  They’re as beautiful as the rest of him.
“Say it again,” he whispers.  His lips brush hers very lightly, like a butterfly’s wings.  A shiver rocks through her.
“Pietro,” she says, firmer this time but with the same shaky desire.  He closes his eyes and presses his forehead to hers, breathing out slowly.
“I don’t want to leave yet,” he admits, chuckling a little as if he’s wondering what’s wrong with him.  She joins in quietly, lifting her fingers to brush them over his cheek and down the stubble of his jaw.  When her thumb traces the edge of his mouth, he opens his eyes to look at her.  Her breath catches in her throat at the passion that creases through them.
She doesn’t know what makes her say it.  Well, maybe she does know.  Maybe she’s never known anything as absolutely as she knows this.  Maybe she doesn’t want her courage to end before she takes full advantage of it.
When she murmurs, “…Then stay,” she’s not fully sure of what she’s asking but has a pretty good idea.  She knows, at least, that she isn’t finished kissing him.
A smirk splits his face.  He looks extremely sure of himself all of the sudden, as if she’s just given him permission to do whatever he wants.  Such an expression would normally make her feel wary, even afraid.  But coming from Pietro, all she feels is unbound excitement and the desire to take this, whatever this is, to a level all its own.
She doesn’t expect him to tighten his arms around her and lift her up.  Doesn’t expect him to pull her against his chest and for the world to become and uncalculated blur around her.  But when she’s suddenly being pushed against a tree, legs tight around his waist, her heart is giddy with more than just excitement.
The world slows back down and she stares at him for about two seconds before Pietro is rushing forward and kissing her again, and this time his kiss makes her moan.
“This…mmm…wasn’t exactly what I meant,” she says, voice muffled because she’s kissing him back just as eagerly.  Her fingers thread into his hair, thighs tightening around his waist as his hands drift up her hips. 
She is not the type of girl to hook up with guys in the middle of the forest, but today has been a day of change.  Change is healthy, right?  She can’t currently think of a reason for it not to be.
Pietro grins against her mouth and squeezes her leg playfully.  “Just tell me to stop and I will,” he says, drawing back for a fraction of a second to look at her.
There’s a touch of seriousness coloring his eyes and she knows he means it.  He probably expects her to take him up on it too, because he doesn’t lean back in to continue kissing her.
She has the reputation of being the good girl.  She always has and probably always will.  There’s just this innate sense of goodness about her that she can never seem to shake no matter what trouble she gets into.  Granted, she’s never really gotten into trouble to begin with, but…well, Pietro is considered to be a bit of a troublemaker, and she finds herself astoundingly curious about how it feels to break the rules.
So instead of drawing back and telling him to stop, Charlotte just purses her mouth and murmurs, “How about I tell you to kiss me again?”
His grin widens.  With a chuckle, Pietro shrugs.  His nose brushes against her jaw.  She can feel the heat of his breath on her neck when he whispers, “I think I can do that.”
They’re both grinning giddily when he presses his mouth to hers once more, but it isn’t long before they lose the smiles.  Smiling and kissing is a bit difficult when one is overcome by other, darker desires.  And the desire that suddenly shoots through Charlotte is much more potent than any she’s ever felt.  She can’t possibly stop herself – the way he pushes his hips against hers is addicting in more ways than one.  Especially when she feels the edge of something hard grinding against her as he pulls her hips close to his.
She gasps and moans, wriggling her hips against him in a rare, bold move.  Her cheeks are on fire with embarrassment but the passion that’s caught up to her makes it seem dulled down.  She doesn’t usually give into these desires, but with him, all bets are off.
He makes a pleased noise and pushes her further against the tree.  His hips pin her down in one firm move and she gasps again.  When his tongue darts out to trace her bottom lip, Charlotte doesn’t even hesitate as she opens her mouth for him.  Then their tongues are meeting, rubbing together as his hands drag over her waist and beneath her shirt.
The little circles he rubs into the skin of her hips is addicting and she arches into him, kissing harder as if she’s silently telling him she wants more.  The feeling is clearly reciprocated as he starts to slowly grind his clothed erection against her core.  That’s about the time where she decides that being taken in the middle of the woods is the best idea ever.
“Mm…I guess they’re right,” he suddenly murmurs with a boyish grin, pulling back from the kiss.  He presses his lips against her jaw and, as he mouths her neck, he whispers, “The quiet ones are always the best.”
Charlotte laughs, then groans when she feels his hands slide up her stomach.  His eyebrows raise up when he feels the cloth bralette she’s wearing.  He experimentally covers her breasts with his hands and squeezes her, enjoying the thin material and the way he can so easily feel her taut nipples through it.
“Is this lace?” he wonders, running his thumbs over her nipples and watching her eyelids flutter in response.  He smirks at her reaction to his touch and nips at her jaw.
Charlotte moans, “Mmm…”  He’s not entirely sure if it’s a groan of pleasure or of agreement, so he naturally decides to find out for sure.
He starts unbuttoning the plaid shirt she’s wearing with one hand, keeping his other firmly cupping her breast.  When he rolls her nipple through the bra, Charlotte inhales sharply and tilts her head back, watching him through half lidded eyes.  He’s got fast fingers, and her shirt is being pushed aside within seconds, revealing the dusty pink lace to his hungry eyes.
Pietro groans at the sight and immediately darts down to kiss her breast through the material.  She tangles her fingers into his hair and is suddenly grateful that she decided to wear this instead of the sports bra she’d briefly considered.  She never liked sports bras, and besides, her breasts are on the petit side so she figured it wouldn’t matter what she wore.  Pietro definitely seems to like it too, which is always a plus.
Also, he seems enamored with the lacy frills of it. 
She’s never had sensitive breasts and never fully understood the male fascination with this particular part of the female anatomy, but dear Lord she likes what he’s doing to her right now.  Squeezing her, twisting her nipples in his fingers, licking over them through the cloth – and he hasn’t even taken the thing off yet.  She’s already wet from his ministrations and knows right then and there that she’s done for.
He slides the tiny strap down her shoulder and kisses her chest, right above the lace.  Against her skin he groans, “You’re not wearing matching underwear, are you?”
The question makes her raise an eyebrow at look down at him.  His eyes are strangely pleading.  She’s not sure if he wants her to or not, so when she slowly nods, Pietro’s response takes her a little off guard.
“Mmm.  You’re making me insane and you’re still wearing all your clothes,” he mutters with a chuckle, and presses a kiss to her shoulder.
Charlotte laughs again and wriggles into him, feeling the full extent of his self-declared ‘insanity’.  He’s harder than before and she really wants to get rid of those jeans and see him properly.
Apparently he’s on the same wavelength, or at least a similar one, because Pietro suddenly slips the straps of her bralette down her arms and peels the fabric away from her breasts without warning.  Charlotte has long decided that she doesn’t need him to warn her, not when she wants to jump his bones right about now, but the abrupt chill of the air on her breasts makes her inhale sharply.  Luckily Pietro has a fix for that.
His mouth comes down on her breast within moments of him shuffling the bra down her stomach.  He doesn’t take it off – probably doesn’t have the patience to – and so it falls down her waist instead of on the forest floor.  She doesn’t really care where it goes, just as long as he keeps doing that thing with his mouth –
“Pietro,” she moans, arching into him and pushing her breasts further into his grasp.  His tongue is trailing around her nipple, sending shivers racing through her as he feels her properly.  The warmth of his breath and his hand and his kisses make her feel like she’s melting and she shakes her hips down against his erection again, feeling a shot of pleasure invade her entire body.
He feels it too because he groans and nips at her breast before pulling back and tugging his shirt off.  The arch of his body sends his hips more firmly into hers and Charlotte moans, partly because of that, but mostly because of the sight he makes with his upper body bared.
He has a runner’s body, all finely tuned muscles and firm abs.  She immediately draws her hands down his chest with a sigh and leans in to kiss it, feeling strangely emboldened.  When her fingers lower to trace the line of his jeans, Pietro grits his teeth and releases a rattled breath.  He doesn’t go to stop her though, and she unbuttons the top of them without an issue.
It’s when she’s pulling the zipper down over the tented hardness beneath the fabric that Pietro stops her, but only to twist her out of his arms to better remove their remaining clothes.  His movements are so fast that Charlotte can barely follow him – one moment, she’s standing there half dressed with her shirt still hanging off her frame, the next, the shirt is falling to the ground and he’s shoving her jeans down her hips. 
She would have laughed at the sensation of being very suddenly naked if she didn’t have more interesting things to focus on.  Like the fact that Pietro is kneeling in front of her and pressing a heated kiss against her thigh.  
He guides one leg over his shoulder and throatily says, “I need to taste you.  Will you let me?”  He looks up to her for permission, and she’s a little bit surprised that he even asked.  The way his eyes glint hungrily gives her the impression that the pause takes something of a toll on him.  So she wastes no time in nodding and pulling his head closer to her aching core.
“Please,” she whispers, and he all but growls at the sweet word.
His tongue is licking over the thin fabric of her matching lace panties before she can even ground herself.  She moans and leans back against the tree trunk, hitching her leg further over his shoulder and holding his head tightly between her hands.  Pietro grasps her firmly, thumbing circles into her hips as he licks at her.  It’s not enough though – the feeling is dulled down because she’s still wearing her panties and she needs more.
“Pietro, please,” she moans, shifting one hand to the hem of her underwear and starting to tug it down.  He grabs the hand tightly and swats it away, looking up at her with a teasing, mischievous expression.
Then, just when she thinks he’s not going to touch her properly, the way she needs him to, he hooks one finger around the fabric and moves it to the side, giving one long lick against her folds.  She nearly cries out at the abrupt touch and would have slid right down to the ground had he not been holding her up.
Shaking her hips into his mouth, she moans, “Mmm!  Pietro!”
He groans and murmurs, “Keep saying my name.  Just like that, that’s right…”  He slips a finger inside her and watches her carefully as he sucks at the nub on top of her clit.  The way she immediately keens and arches into him is enough of an indication that she likes what he’s doing.  So he keeps doing it.
He adds another finger and starts thrusting them in and out of her.  He can’t wait to get his cock out but – he needs to be patient.  He wants to make her come like this.  He wants to watch her expression melt and see her buck against his mouth and beg for it.  And he doesn’t have to wait very long.
A burst of masculine pride shoots through him when Charlotte moans his name and rocks forward, shuffling into a sloppy thrust.  He gently bites at her folds, dragging her into his mouth and sucking at her, lapping his tongue along her clit and twisting his fingers inside her as he brings her to her orgasm.  What a sight it is – all breathless moans that sounds like his name, spun together like sugar as she shakes into her tree and his mouth.
It’s beautiful and he keeps at it until she stops bucking into him.  Only then does he pull away, stands up, and finish unzipping his jeans.  He’s rock hard and desperately needs to be inside her, especially after the sight he just witnessed, just created.
“Come here,” he murmurs, kissing her gently as he kicks his boxers away.  Charlotte opens her eyes and looks down at him.  There’s something heated and lustful in her gaze that makes his shiver.  When she reaches down to take his hard cock into her hand, Pietro groans and clenches her waist tightly.
“Did I taste good?” she whispers, brushing her thumb over his tip.  He swallows and chuckles deeply.  It sounds like the low rumble of a storm and she’d love to be in the center of it, so she leans back against the tree and opens her arms out for him.  He brings her close.
“Better than I imagined,” he growls, and lifts her up abruptly, barely giving her any time before sinking his cock inside her and pushing her into the tree.
She moans and holds him tightly, gasping and breathless as his thrusts shake her down.  He waits only a moment for her to adjust before setting an immediately fast pace that makes her more and more crazy with every passing second. 
He fills her so perfectly, hitting places she didn’t know existed.  Perhaps it’s the angle of his thrusts, the haphazard position they’re in against the tree, but she’s never known sex to be quite so gratifying.  Maybe it’s just because it’s Pietro and she’s never been as attracted to anyone before him. 
She tugs at his hair, buried her face into his shoulder and tries to keep her moans muffled.  They’re not that far away from the mountaintop platform and she doesn’t want to draw attention from the odd hiker.  They can’t stop now, not when she’s this aroused and he’s thrusting into her so perfectly.
“Say my name again,” he grunts into her neck, groaning at the tight way she clenches over his cock.  It feels so good, so wet and hot and tight that he can’t help but go faster, bucking his hips into hers with reckless abandon.  He needs release.  He needs to feel her orgasm around him.  He’s never wanted anything so badly.
Charlotte moans and murmurs his name, getting louder and louder with every thrust as he hits her perfectly each time.  When he realizes what he’s doing, he angles his hips and does it again, thrusting his cock into her and feeling her inner walls spasm around him. 
Her orgasm tilts her over somewhere between, ‘Pietro’ and ‘fuck yes!’, and she starts bucking furiously against him as she comes.  Pietro groans at the feeling of her clenching around him and pushes her harder into the tree, his hips moving so quickly that it almost feels like a piston firing against her, again and again until her throat feels raw from the moaning.
She can’t remember ever coming so hard before, but it’s like the world itself turns into a beautiful blur of sightless color as she feels her finish rock through her.  And Pietro, the way he groans against her neck and gives several hard thrusts as he fills her up…it makes her want to do it all over again.
He keeps thrusting, dragging out both of their orgasms, until her muscles have stopped clenching around his length and he’s flaccid inside her.  Then he wraps his arms around her and sighs, long and drawn out and happy.  Charlotte kisses his temple and chuckles.
“I’m not usually a ‘sex-on-the-first-date’ kind of girl, you know,” she tells him, wanting to get it straight and not have him think less of her.  At this point, though, Pietro doubts very much that such a thing is possible.  Especially not when he feels so satisfied.
“Mmm…especially since you hadn’t realized this was a date to begin with,” he can’t help but add, laughing.  Charlotte joins in because he’s right, and maybe she is a little oblivious.  But the be honest she doesn’t have it in her to care about all that right now, so long as they can get off this mountain as soon as possible.  There’s quite a few other things she’d rather be doing right about now, preferably with him.
He pulls back as if reading her thoughts and gives her a boyish smile before stepping away.  Her feet find the ground and they go about shucking their clothes back on, occasionally assisting each other and leaving heated touches in their wake.  Charlotte has the distinct feeling that this is far from over.
She’s right.  When he runs them back down the mountain in about five minutes flat and they make their way back to the base, he doesn’t just walk her to her room and leave her there.  No, instead he invites himself into her suite, locks the door behind him, and proceeds to show her everything she’s been missing for the past few months, all in the space of several glorious hours.
She’s very happy she agreed to go on that hike with him.



  1. I love this you are pure awesome!!! Plz do a Xanxus one!!!

  2. well shit, I seriously need to get a boyfriend. I know it isn't anywhere close to it, but I would be so happy if you did a Christmas Spock lemon ;)

    1. I shall keep that in mind :3 I need to write more Star Trek smut. And hahahajfsd boyfriends are for people who don't realize my blog exists. This is something I have accepted over the last few years of being single lol <3

    2. I would be so happy to read more Star Trek smut, I absolutely love your blog and I suppose that is true! Though real men can't compare to the type of men you create in your stories ;) The realization is mutual, though I feel like I have ruined myself from reading your blog, high expectations and what not!