Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Steve Rogers Lemon -- I'll Be Seeing You

Character: Steve Rogers

Fandom: The Avengers

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Sexting at work pft.  Enjoy~

The first one comes at two o’clock.  Steve is walking down the hallway with Bucky in tow, both sweaty from their workout in the training facility.  Lunch is at the forefront of their minds and they are throwing suggestions back and forth as they amble up to their rooms.  Showers are a definite necessity.
When the soft ping of an incoming text rings through the hall, Steve pulls his phone out and glances down at the screen.  The 21st century still confuses the hell out of him, sometimes, but he has at least some technological proficiency, and when he sees who has texted him he stops walking.  [Name] never texts him in the middle of the afternoon.
Bucky glances over at him with a raised eyebrow.  “What is it?” he asks, hands in his pockets as he watches his friend.
Steve purses his mouth, “It’s from [Name].  I’ll look at it later.”
Conversations with his fairly long term girlfriend (a year is apparently considered long term in this century) usually last a while.  She likes to tell him what she’s up to at the hospital where she works, and he likes to hear her stories.  It’s surprising, how much drama a hospital setting can incur.
Bucky gives him an almost cringing look, “Are you sure that’s a good idea?  Dames don’t like being ignored.”
Steve laughs.  So much has changed, in the world and between them, and yet here they are.  Bucky’s still giving him relationship advice and Steve is still treading with so much uncertainty around dating.
“Women aren’t the same as they used to be, Buck,” he says.
Bucky just smirks and rolls his eyes, “The women didn’t change, Steve; they just got empowered.”
They don’t say anything more on the subject though, and when Steve returns to his suite he tosses his phone on the bed and goes for a shower, almost forgetting about the unopened text entirely.  But by the time he comes out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist and steam billowing behind him, Bucky’s words come back to bite him in the ass.
He sits on the edge of the bed and glances at his phone, only to see that there are two more texts.  A jolt of worry suddenly hits him at that – perhaps he should have opened the original one the moment he got it instead of taking his shower first.  What if something’s happened at the hospital and [Name] needs him? 
He grabs his phone and opens the texts without a second thought…only to start coughing the moment they load.
He hadn’t been expecting this.
Stockinged legs stretch out on the screen.  Her ankles are crossed and vibrant red heels are on display.  There’s so much leg that Steve feels his face redden as he stares.  If she’d taken the picture any higher…
“Oh God,” he mumbles, and looks at the message beneath the picture.
‘I forgot to tell you I have the day off.  Fancy stopping by for some lunch?’
He knows enough about [Name] by now to know that her current definition of ‘lunch’ doesn’t involve eating food.
He scrolls down to her next text message, which reads, ‘Playing hard to get?  ;)’
And, apparently not appreciating his accidental silence, the next text is a bit more impatient: ‘I can play hard to get too…’ 
There’s another picture attached to the message that makes Steve stare, his heart fluttering wildly in his chest.  This time it’s not her legs, but her upper torso.  She’s wearing a robe – the thin black one that he remembers her wearing several times before.  A lacy black bra is peeking out from the fabric, which she’s holding against her chest with a surprised expression, as if he’s trying to wrestle it off of her and she’s defending her dignity.
…Is this really a thing now?  Sending racy pictures like this?  He vaguely remembers Tony telling him about all the inappropriate things one can find on the internet these days, but he hadn’t expected it to extend to something like this.  What if someone else were to see these?  It’s extremely improper.
Yet the rest of his body doesn’t seem to care.  He really should have held off on taking that shower.
Slightly afraid of having her send him another picture (only slightly), Steve hurries to type in a response to her.
‘I’m a little busy right now, [Name].’
He sends it without thinking it through, and immediately regrets it.  It’s too harsh.  He hurries to add, ‘But I can stop by in a few hours if you’d like.’
He sends that one too and then wonders if it sounds too eager.  He has no idea what he wants from her at this point.  Does he want more pictures, or does he want her to stop?  Steve scrubs a hand over his face with sighs.  He doesn’t even have that much experience with dating 20th century style, let alone dealing with all this.  He’s so far out of his comfort zone that he forgets what his comfort zone even looks like.
He stands up to get dressed but doesn’t get very far when [Name] texts him back.  Turning back to his phone, Steve clears his throat and opens the message.  This time, he’s a little more prepared for what’s to come.  (But only a little, and he still starts coughing and blushing because this is so new to him and it’s doing things to his body that he doesn’t want to admit - )
‘Oh, am I making you uncomfortable?  Is this a good enough apology?’  And beneath the text is another picture, this one worse than the last.
She’s lying in bed, hair strewn out as if she’s just fallen down.  Her robe has shifted and is now splayed open to show off the majority of her bra, which looks like it’s been pulled down a fraction because her breasts are very nearly on display.  He can just make out the shape of her nipples through the lace and swallows tightly when he sees how hard they are, as if she’s been playing with them…
That’s not the only thing that’s hard.  A rush of heat catches him off guard as he stares at the picture, spiraling through his body with the dull burn of arousal.  The audacity of that woman!  He has work to do and now all he can think about is joining her on that bed and giving those breasts the attention they deserve.
With a blush, Steve flings the phone down without answering.  He needs to distract himself before he gets a hard-on and people start wondering where he is.  He gets dressed in record time, not wanting to fall to the temptation of returning to the bathroom for another quick, cold shower.  He doesn’t have time for that and besides, Bucky’s probably waiting for him.
He puts his phone in his pocket and steps out into the hall, trying not to linger on the sight of [Name] on that bed, looking up at the camera with that sultry, come-hither expression.
Bucky is waiting for him, and as Steve approaches he gives him a look.  “What took you so long?  Got chewed out by [Name]?”
Steve pauses, then chuckles.  In a manner of speaking, he did.  “Yeah, actually.”
Bucky sends him an I-told-you-so look and they amble down to the kitchen for that lunch.  They’re in the middle of making sandwiches when Steve’s phone goes off again.
He ignores it.  He’s not going to open that text up in front of Bucky.  But ignoring it has consequences because after a few minutes, he gets another one.  And another one.
Bucky looks a little suspicious, and he’s not the only one.  Tony, who’s waltzed into the kitchen a few moments after them, is staring at Steve with a curious look on his face.  That expression never bodes well.
It’s the usual lunch hour and the kitchen starts filling up as Natasha makes an appearance, followed by Bruce.  Clint is nowhere to be seen – small favors, really.
“So, Cap,” Tony drawls as another soft ping goes off.  “Your girl seems to be blowing up your phone.  Aren’t you gonna answer her?”
Steve sends him a glowering look and bites into his sandwich with vigor.
Tony smirks.  “There are only two reasons why a woman sends texts like that.  Either she’s furious, or she’s sending you dirty pictures.”
Steve immediately starts choking and Tony looks extremely triumphant.  Everyone else just looks vaguely intrigued – but not overly so.  Whether it’s because they’ve also gotten to know [Name] and aren’t surprised by her antics, or because it’s just a normal happening in this strange new century, Steve isn’t sure.  Bucky is the only one who looks taken aback.
“[Name] is sending you dirty pictures?” he asks, sounding slightly incredulous.  There’s an amused gleam in his eye though.  Probably due in part to the way his friend is going beet red.
“I’m not answering that,” Steve says staunchly.  He isn’t going to say a word about it.  It’s his business, not theirs.  He doesn’t kiss and tell. 
Bucky laughs.  Tony just sends Steve a shit-eating grin as another soft pinging sound alerts the room to an incoming text.
“Damn it,” he mutters in a rare display of language, and whips out his phone.  Everyone gravitates towards it so he stands up and sends them a glower.
“Don’t be like that, Gramps.  We all wanna see,” Tony says with a smirk. 
Steve sighs and mutters “I’m leaving.”
Tony laughs as he walks to the door.  “Enjoy your cold shower!”
The door slams shut behind him and Natasha rolls her eyes.
Meanwhile Steve is scrolling through the new texts with a growing wariness that comes entirely from the fact that every picture he sees shows less and less clothing.  As well as an increased amount of teasing and impatience for his silence.
‘I know you’re not that busy today.  You should be happy I’m such a good girlfriend.’
‘Oh and btw, these stockings are surprisingly comfortable by themselves.’
‘I’m also extremely horny now.  Should I wait for you or not?’
Steve stops walking when he reads that last one.  His pants suddenly feel incredibly tight.
“Shit,” he mutters, and scrolls down further to look at the latest picture.
This time there’s no robe.  One bra strap is falling down.  She’s still lying on the bed but the way she’s angled her phone showcases her arm, which is suspiciously trailing down her stomach.  He can only imagine where those fingers are right now and it’s making him feel slightly insane.
He still has several things to do today but that last picture makes his mind up for him.  He turns on his heel and all but jogs to the elevators, intent on reaching the garage as soon as possible.  The doors have just closed when yet another text comes through, and Steve grits his teeth as he opens it.  This time the message isn’t quite as amicable.
‘If you don’t respond, I’m going to send Tony something.’
He stares at it for one long second before frantically pulling up the keyboard and typing, ‘I’m leaving now and don’t you dare.’
She doesn’t respond and he decides to take it as a good thing.  As he gets into his car and pulls out of the garage, all he can think about is her touching herself as she waits for him.  He can’t get that last picture out of his head – the sight of her face, the melted expression and the parted lips…
He very nearly swears again when he misses the green light.
[Name] doesn’t live that far away from the Tower, but New York City traffic is abominable no matter what hour it is.  What normally takes fifteen minutes drags into twenty when a taxi cab cuts him off and he ends up having to stop for a group of pedestrians.  He’s practically steaming by the time he pulls into [Name]’s apartment complex and is thinking more about aggravating drivers than he is about her…until he enters the building and realizes that he’d gotten another text while he was driving.
He hadn’t noticed – he doesn’t look at his phone in the car.  He read a study a few months ago about how many deaths per year happen just because of innocent little text messages but – God, what is he even thinking right now?  He all but barges into the lobby and pulls open the text.
Then nearly trips over his own feet when he sees the message.
‘I’m almost there, hurry up and finish me off’, accompanied with the raciest picture yet.
This time the camera is angled downward, showing everything from the waist down.  The stockings are gone and her knees are up and parted.  He can see her hand at the apex of her thighs, and even though it’s covering everything it doesn’t matter.  His cock twitches to life and he barely manages to pull himself up the stairs.
He’s half hard by the time he reaches her door, and panting just a little because he decided against taking the elevator and he took the stairs two at a time.  It’s a good thing he’s in great shape because she lives on the seventh floor.  It’s also a good thing he knows her pass code by heart.
The door is slamming open within seconds and he’s barging into her room.
She lets out a surprised yelp when he makes his sudden and very forceful appearance at her bedroom door, but Steve can’t be bothered to apologize for catching her off guard.  If anyone’s been shell shocked, it’s him, and he’s more than ready to return the favor. 
[Name] looks up at him with wide eyes.  She’s right where she’d been in that last picture, one hand between her legs, panties nowhere in sight, and bra hanging off her frame.  She makes a pretty picture and he’d like to stop and admire her a moment, but to be honest, the thought of gawking at her doesn’t align with the desires that are currently tenting his pants up.
The determined look on his face reminds her of his expressions when he’s out on the field saving the country.  His jaw is clenched as if he’s holding back a wave of pain and his entire body looked tense and unyielding.  Perhaps that’s why, when he suddenly rocks forward to reach the bed, [Name] squeals and pushes away.
He doesn’t let her get very far.  Hooking his hands around her thighs, Steve drags her hips to the very edge of the mattress and kneels in front of her, wasting absolutely no time at all as he throws her legs over his shoulders and gets to work on her cunt.
And then he’s abruptly licking at her, fingers spreading her folds, daring his tongue over every inch of her very wet clit as [Name] drowns on the bed and moans his name.
“Steve – you’re acting a little – mmmph!” her back arches when she feels his finger thrust inside her with no warning.
What had she been trying to say?  She can’t remember.
He drags one of her folds into his mouth and scrapes his teeth over it, twists his finger inside her to rub against her sensitive inner walls, and growls, “There’s absolutely no way I’ll be able to take this slow, [Name], so you’d better be ready for me.”
She gapes at him and opens her mouth to complain (just for the fun of it, really; she utterly melts at those words - ), but when he suddenly adds another finger and starts lapping at the top of her clit with abandon, the only sound she can give is a long, drawn out moan that goes right to his cock.
“Fuck!” she hisses, throwing her head back and her breasts up.  She tries to rock her hips downward but Steve catches them at the last moment and all but slams her back to the bed.
If she’d known that this would be his reaction to sexting, she’d have damn well done it a long time ago.
“I’m gonna come – Steve!  STEVE!” she yells, nearly sobbing.  He doesn’t let up even for a moment.  If anything, he seems to go faster, thrusting his fingers harder and lapping more furiously as she bucks into his mouth.  Her orgasm shoots through her so recklessly that she forgets her own name.  She only knows one name and it becomes a repeated mantra as he devours her.
“Steve, Stevestevesteve – “
And then he’s standing up, pushing her hips down, reaching for his shirt.  She watches him with her mouth hanging open, completely unable to so much as move as he tears the shirt away and jerks his pants down.  His cock springs up into the air, hard and gleaming with precum and Jesus Christ she thinks she might come again just from the sight he makes as he props one knee onto the mattress.
His hands slide up her body.  Fingers make quick and almost ferocious work of her bra, all but tearing it from her chest.  He flings it over his shoulder with a glint in his eye that makes her shiver likecrazy and grapples with her legs.  A moment later, he’s hooking them around his waist and she feels his hard length sliding over her cunt and it feels so good that she moans again and arches into him.
“Fuck,” she whispers, staring up at him through blurry bedroom eyes.  Her voice is just as blurry, as if she’s at the bottom of the ocean and the world around her is a watery, quilted mess. 
“You must’ve really liked those pictures – fuck!” she moans, her words abruptly cut off when he lines himself up and pushes into her without a moment’s hesitation.  Fuckfuckfuck-
“Oh God yes!” she cries as he starts a fast pace, bucking into her so deeply that she can feel him hitting her womb.  He’s stretching her inner walls and feels so big inside her after her self-inflicted sexual frustrations that she really can’t help the way she reaches for him and starts rutting against him like a fucking wild animal.
Or should she say a wild fucking animal?  Or a – “Shit,” she sobs, because Steve is suddenly thrusting so quickly and deeply that she can’t even remember what she’d been thinking about before.
She can only think of him and the way he’s filling her up so perfectly and making her already sensitive flesh throb with the beginnings of another orgasm.
“I loved those pictures,” Steve suddenly growls into her ear, leaning forward and laying himself over her body.  He hooks his hands around her shoulders to hold her in place and pistons into her, using his momentum to fuck her – and what a good job he’s doing.  She’s never been fucked so thoroughly before, especially not by a super-human soldier who’s got more muscles than is evolutionarily fair.
Her fingers sink into his back, scratching at him like a wild cat, tossing her head back as he buries his face into her hair and nips at the top of her ear.
“Did you like…mm, sending them to me?” he asks.  He sounds only a little breathless.  Mostly his voice is just determined and tight, strained in a way that tells her how close he is to filling her up in more ways than he is currently doing.
[Name] moans loudly and cries, “Yes!  Yes, fuck yes, Steve!”
It had aroused her more than she’d like to admit, sending him all those pictures and dirty messages.  Just imaging his shocked and reluctantly pleased reaction to them had made her ridiculously horny.  But his actual reaction is so much better than any she had come up with in her mind.  This – the crazy, raw way he’s taking her right now easily surpasses any of her smutty little fantasies of him.  (And she’s got quite a lot of them.)
He groans, “Tell me how much you like me inside you.  Fucking you like this.  Tell me, [Name].”
Her eyes widen, fingers sinking further into his skin as she listens to his out-of-character dirty talk.  In all their previous encounters, he’s never said such dirty things to her.  She can only imagine that she’s unlocked some crazed, unheroic part of him today.  She decides that she quite likes it.
She likes it so much that she whimpers into his ear and obeys his every command as she moans, “I love it, love – mmm!  Love you inside me, love you fucking me – don’t stopdon’tstopdon’tstop-“
“Fuck, [Name],” he groans, thrusting hard inside her as her words force his orgasm to the surface.  He’s been holding back as long as he could but the sound of those pretty pleas leave his control in shambles.  He’s going to come.  He knows it can can’t possibly stop himself from tumbling forward on the mattress and practically tearing his hips into hers as he tilts over the edge.
“Steve!” she cries, eyes watering.  His pace is even more erratic, as is the look in his eyes as he bolts forward and comes.
She watches him through half lidded eyes and jerks in surprised arousal when she feels his fingers brushing firmly over her clit, wanting her to fall with him.  That little move of his does quick work on her and she’s soon bucking her hips just as furiously as her orgasm rushes through her.  His name fills her small bedroom, increasing in volume at every thrust, until she feels the heat of his finish fill her up.
He keeps thrusting, dragging her orgasm out just as perfectly as he did his own.  He watches her come with a hard gasp, choking on his name in the prettiest way as her eyes turn foggy and clouded.  And then he leans down to deposit and thorough kiss on her mouth, cock still inside her as he enjoys the way her inner walls spasm around his length.
“Jesus fucking Christ,” [Name] whispers against his lips.  Her eyes are starry and full of wonder when he opens his own and looks down at her.  A boyish smile flits over his face.
“Language,” he murmurs jokingly, and kisses her cheek before laying down beside her.  A moment later, Steve is dragging her body firmly against his, their legs halfway off the bed as they stare up at the ceiling in languid post-‘best-sex-ever’ bliss.
She grins and glances at him.  “You’re the hottest thing I’ve ever had,” she says with a smirk.  He raises his eyebrows and gives a surprised laugh.
“Thanks?” he questions, not entirely sure what to say to such a compliment.  She wiggles her eyebrows at him and he laughs again, leaning over to kiss her.  His mouth is softer this time, gentler in a way it hadn’t been before, and she moans again. 
“Tell me you don’t have to go back to the Tower,” she pleads, nipping his bottom lip as her hands tumble up his gloriously bare torso.  She’d love to spend some time licking every muscle, biting and nipping at every inch of his skin.  If he leaves her now after that amazing sex, she thinks she might actually cry in frustration.
Steve is usually very strict with himself, but today is apparently an exception.  Before she’s even finished with her question, he’s flipping her back over and kissing down her neck, hands sliding over her body.  Against her skin, he growls, “I’m sure I can take one afternoon off in favor of giving my best girl some attention.”
[Name] moans and slips her fingers into his hair.
“Thank God,” she whispers, and grins giddily.  “I should send you dirty pictures every day.”
He chuckles, “If you do that, I’ll never get any work done.”
He licks at her breast and she breathes, “Mmm…exactly…”
Steve sends her a serious expression, but she can see the amusement that colors his eyes.  With a raised eyebrow, she pushes his head back to her breast in a silent demand.  He doesn’t complain as he starts kissing over her skin.
As he does, [Name] murmurs, “You know, proper etiquette dictates that you should’ve sent one of those dirty pictures back.”  She almost laughs out loud when his expression morphs into affronted incredulity.
“Send one back?” he repeats, lifting his head up to stare at her.
“Mmm…there’s still so much I have left to teach you,” she whispers and leans up to kiss his jaw.  The scrape of his stubble feels wonderful against her lips.
He gives her another look and grumbles at her before rolling forward to tickle her.  She squeals loudly and tries to bat his hands away, but he’s got that determined look on his face and she knows it’s a lost cause. 
…Which is probably just as well, because when his tickling turns into languid kisses and then into heady touches, she decides that lost causes are always the best anyhow.



  1. Holy sweet jesus. I'm actually dressing up as my Avengers OC (and by rule, her) this year, and I will be sooooooo flustered the entire time.

  2. WowowowWOW. My love for Steve has been renewed full force because of your brilliant writing. How you do it I don't know, but you do it WELL. (Almost TOO well! )

    1. I know! It's like what demon did you make a deal with?!

    2. Girl's gotta keep some of her secrets ;) But I guess I'm just naturally dirty. At least I have a good outlet for it lol!

  3. Oh my goooooooooooooooooood (」゜ロ゜)」(人´∀`*)*sighs and melts into a puddle of otaku goo*

  4. I don't know if you're taking request but if you do can you make a Jonathan Byers (Stranger Things) or A Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter) Baby Daddy.
    Thanks xxx

  5. This just makes me want a continuation of that one Red Burlesque Bucky smut bc now im thirsty for marvel

    1. I'm already planning a sequel for that ;)

    2. Yooo you just made my crappy day ten times better, thank you !