Friday, November 11, 2016

A Germany Lemon -- Allure

Character: Germany

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Adriana, honey brown hair, is autistic

Inspiration: Sorry this took so long!  I dropped off the face of the earth for a while there.  This one is a bondage!Germany smut, though I’m not sure how well the bondage part ended out.  It isn’t as kinky as I wanted it to be.  Hope you guys still enjoy it
Also, the France request will be out shortly, I'm just finishing it up!

Adriana’s not sure what she’s expecting when she comes home after her long trip to the Great Lakes, doing fieldwork for her zoology job.  All she knows is that she walks into the one situation that probably shouldn’t surprise her at all, yet it really does.  She knows her husband very well by now, but she’s still more than shocked when, the moment she steps inside and wheels her suitcase into the living room, Ludwig glances over at her, crosses his arms, and says, “Strip.”
It isn’t exactly the kind of greeting she expects after being out of the country for nearly an entire year.
Her eyes bug out.  “What?”
Ludwig just raises an eyebrow at her and walks into the kitchen without another word.  She pauses, hesitating, wondering if he’s angry for some reason.  Though usually when Ludwig is angry, he doesn’t just randomly tell her to get naked.  Usually.
She can’t get out of her coat fast enough, and drops it onto her suitcase before following him into the kitchen.  Questions are naturally spinning through her mind.  Confusion colors her thoughts.  She thinks it’s probably okay to be confused, right?  She hasn’t seen him in about a month, not since he’d flown over to the States to visit her.  She kind of thought that he’d wrap his arms around her and give her a proper ‘welcome home’ kiss the moment she walked inside.  That’s what anyone else would do.
Then again, Ludwig is not just anyone else, a fact that he enjoys reminding her of every once in a while. 
In the kitchen, he’s standing in front of the stove, spooning what looks like a pasta casserole onto a plate.  Adriana glances around quickly, pausing for a moment to bask in the familiarity of her home.  A year away has been grueling but necessary for her career, and it amazes her how much she’s missed the simple comfort of standing in the middle of her own personal world.  A world that is quickly narrowing down to the man who turns to her, looking a little miffed.
“I thought I told you to strip?” he wonders, casting a glance down at her still-clothed body.  She stares at him, matching his expression perfectly.
“I’m confused,” she admits, blurting the words out before she can rein them in.  She really doesn’t understand what goes through his head sometimes.  Isn’t he about to feed her?  Isn’t that why he’s getting a plate ready?
Ludwig’s face immediately softens at her words.  He chuckles, sets the plate down, and walks over to her.  At once, she’s surrounded by the strong warmth of his arms as he pulls her into an embrace.  She melts into him without a struggle.  This house isn’t the only thing she’s missed.
“It’s been a month since I’ve had you,” he murmurs, kissing her cheek and then dragging his lips over her jaw.  He tilts her chin up and her breathing stops, skittering away from her at the close proximity of his body and the heated look he’s sending her.  His fingers weave into her light hair and he all but growls, “So strip for me, liebling.  I want to see you.” [1]
Adriana definitely can’t breathe.  She stares at him with her mouth hanging open in surprised desire – and it is surprising, the way her arousal suddenly burns through her like fire scorching through a dried field.  The analogy is probably more apt than she cares to admit; she hadn’t had sex in what feels like ages. 
It’s a sin, really, to be married to such a perfect man and not being able to touch him for practically a year.  Never mind that they’ve flown back and forth numerous times to see each other – it just isn’t the same as the relaxed knowledge that there is no time limit to their love.
When she doesn’t immediately move, Ludwig chuckles again and tilts his head.  “Should I do it myself?”  He tugs at the casual tee she’d thrown on before the flight and quirks his mouth up.
Adriana bites her lip.  When he goes to lift the shirt up, she bats his hands away and does it herself, tossing the fabric on the kitchen tiles without a backward glance.  His eyes are absolutely on fire as she tugs off her jeans next, followed quickly by her bra and the comfortable cotton underwear she’d opted for on the return journey.  Then, standing naked before him, Adriana peers up into his eyes and tilts her head to match his.
“Is that better?” she asks, feeling only a little bit self-conscious.  Anyone would have made her nervous at such abrupt orders, but Ludwig…well, she can’t quite explain it, but he makes it seem as natural as breathing.  (Something that she finally remembers how to do.)
His eyes flash, but he doesn’t react in the way she expects.  Apparently, all of her expectations are being blown away tonight, because instead of taking her back into his arms, Ludwig just hums and turns back to the stove.  She stands there, bare as the day she was born, and stares in baffled confusion as he takes the plate back into his hands and walks to the small table several meters away.
“Sit,” he says, nodding at the chair.  Her mouth falls open.
“What?” she asks.  She’s even more confused than before.  And she’s getting a little cold, too.  The tiles are freezing on her bare feet and the chill of Autumn is easily seeping into her skin despite being inside.
Ludwig bites back a smile and pulls the chair out silently.  Just as silently, Adriana steps over to it and sits down, feeling very out of sorts.  She doesn’t think she’s ever sat down to eat dinner while being stark naked before.  It’s naturally a little disconcerting, especially when Ludwig sets the plate down in front of her and hands her a fork.
“You must be hungry,” he murmurs, then moves to stand behind her.  As she grasps the fork between her fingers, he starts massages his fingers through her hair.  It feels so good that she forgets about the meal sitting in front of her.
Ludwig leans down, nips at her ear, and whispers, “Eat, liebling.  Trust me.”
Trust is a funny thing, really.  What’s that silly phrase her old American professor used to say?  It’s a two way street?  She is so far out of her comfort zone that she can’t even remember where said zone begins, and yet she does trust him.  So explicitly that she stabs some of the pasta and digs in.
“Good girl,” he purrs, scraping his nails over her scalp.  She moans a little at the wonderful feeling, which he promptly rewards by kissing the top of her shoulder. 
As she swallows her bite and goes for another, Adriana asks, “Have you already eaten?”  She’s suddenly ravenous, and realizes that the last thing she ate was the hasty hotel breakfast earlier that morning.  The salted peanuts on the plane really don’t count.
Ludwig hums, which she takes to mean that he has.  The fact that he ate without her means one of two things: either he had just been that hungry and hadn’t wanted to wait, or he has plans for her tonight.  She has a feeling that it’s the latter.  Why else would he immediately tell her to strip down the moment she walked through the door?
His hands drift down her shoulders to cup her breasts, and she leans back because he’s so warm and the heat feels good against her cold skin.  Squeezing them gently, Ludwig kisses the side of her head and murmurs, “…I had dinner already, but I’m in the mood for some dessert…”
Adriana tilts her head back to send him a raised eyebrow.  She might get occasionally confused with his mannerisms, but she’s not daft enough to let his somewhat clich√© response get passed her.
“Really?” she asks dryly, and he chuckles.
“Mmhmm,” he replies, and suddenly sinks to his knees.  She almost chokes on her pasta when he shoves her chair a few inches from the table and spreads her knees apart.
“Ludwig – “ she starts, putting her fork down.  This is the strangest thing she’s ever experienced.  It’s also possibly the most arousing.
“Shh,” he murmurs, leaning in to kiss her inner thigh.  His hands slide around her waist and he scoots her down the chair until she’s mere centimeters away from his mouth.  It’s a very enticing sight.  She can only imagine what she looks like.  From the heat in his eyes, she has a feeling he’s more aroused than he’s letting on.
“Eat,” he orders, glancing up at her through dark stormy eyes.  She stares down at him for a split second before obeying, bringing her fork back to her lips and chewing on another bite of pasta.  He watches her for a moment as if he’s making sure she’s actually taking him seriously, then he sends her a wolfish grin and leans in to kiss her stomach.  Her muscles tense beneath the kiss in anticipation.
When his kisses get lower and lower, Adriana finds it harder to remember to actually eat.  She’s too busy staring at him, watching every little move he makes.  And the moment his tongue slides over her cunt, she really can’t help but forget entirely.  How could she possibly eat when he’s licking at her like that?  Her hunger seems to vanish immediately, replaced by hunger of another sort.
She decides that this is definitely more arousing than it is strange.  It’s not her fault that she forgets all about his order and just watches him, fingers tangling into his blond hair.
Ludwig notices though.  His eyes dart up to hers and, against her cunt, he growls, “Eat, and I’ll let you come.”  The ultimatum makes her whimper.
“But Ludwig – “
“I don’t plan on stopping once we get started, Adriana,” he warns, squeezing her leg gently. 
He pulls away for a brief moment and she practically wrestles his head back between her thighs, gasping, “Alright!  I’ll eat!”  And she does, though to say that she fully enjoys the meal isn’t entirely true.  She shovels a large bite into her mouth and chews almost frantically, too overcome by her own aroused impatience to take her time as she normally would.
Ludwig just chuckles at said impatience and continues his work on her, spinning his knuckle around her entrance and lapping at the top of her clit with firm, controlled movements.  He definitely appreciates the way she rolls her hips into him, or tries to.  The grip he’s got on her waist doesn’t allow her much movement.
She can’t concentrate on anything while he’s doing this to her.  Even something as simple as eating has become a chore.  Her distracted mind is in shambles.  She can barely remember how to chew, and she scarfs down the food too quickly.  She’d better not get indigestion from this or she’ll hurt him. 
The moment she’s finished, she slams her fork down and exclaims, “Done!”
He draws back, sets his elbow on the chair beside her thigh, and rests his chin on his hand.  In a drawling voice, Ludwig says, “Water.”
Adriana could cry.  She grabs her glass of water and practically chugs it down, tipping her head back with vengeance and emptying the glass.  He watches, the edge of his mouth quipped up in an amused smirk.  The moment she slams the glass onto the table, he stands up with a graceful prowess and moves behind her.
His hands are in her hair again, twisting it around and over her shoulder as he leans down to kiss her cheek.  “Good girl.  Now give me your hands.”
At this point, Adriana doesn’t even stop to argue with him.  Though she does poutingly wonder, “I thought you said you’d let me come.”  The slight whine in her voice makes him chuckle.
She lifts her hands for him and isn’t surprised when he somehow manages to procure a rope out of nowhere.  Well – probably from the back pocket of the jeans that he’s still wearing, despite the fact that she’s completely naked.  His power plays are, admittedly, getting a tiny bit old.
Yet his next sentence makes that thought utterly disappear as he murmurs, “I said I’d let you come; I didn’t say when.” 
He slips the rope around her wrists and gently ties it.  She groans, her impatience rising.  She knows he’ll make this worth her while, but it’s been so long and she wants him now.
He’s the image of patience as he leads her through the house.  He doesn’t even have to tug on the ‘leash’ he’s just put around Adriana’s wrists.  She’s more than happy to follow him.  She’s absolutely aching from his teasing ministrations in the kitchen, and the thought of what’s to come has her scurrying behind him eagerly.
Ludwig notices.  He notices everything.  He sends her an amused glance and, feeling too aroused to be embarrassed, Adriana grins back.  The low scraping chuckle he gives at the sight of her makes another sharp shiver jolt through her body.  Seriously, does he even know what he does to her?
She thinks he probably does – nothing gets past him.  He can be very observant when he wants to be, and as Ludwig leads her to the bed, he proves it when he murmurs, “One month is a long time, isn’t it liebling?”
Adriana hums in agreement, but doesn’t get the chance to say anything.  He’s gesturing to the bed and she decides that she likes to listen to his orders much more anyhow.
“Get on,” he tells her, nodding to the mattress.  She scrambles to obey, knowing that the faster she does, the more willing he’ll be to reward her.  She should’ve known it wouldn’t be so easy.
She curls herself onto her knees and blinks up at him, but he doesn’t make a move to follow her.  Instead, Ludwig merely starts to loosen the buttons of his dress shirt, slowly revealing more and more of his toned chest.  She’d like to help, but the moment her hands reach for him, he steps back with a raised eyebrow and says in a scolding, authoritative voice, “Patience, liebling.”
She’s not sure what’s hotter – him using that voice on her, or the way he pulls off his shirt without breaking eye contact.  Still, she withdraws, mouth set in a pout that only gets more desperate as he starts to slide out of his jeans.
“Now,” he says after he’s standing in only his briefs, “I want you to lie down.  And shut your eyes.”  The little addition makes her mouth water despite it being a travesty.  She wants to see him. 
But she also knows that when he’s got that look in his eye, it’s usually better to just obey.  She knows he’ll make it worth her while, and she doesn’t feel like fighting him tonight.  It’s been too long and her body is betraying her at every turn, so Audrey just sighs and scoots back towards the pillows to lay down for him.
She closes her eyes dutifully but can’t help but peek through them in her curiosity.  When he doesn’t immediately join her on the bed, she knows exactly what he’s planning.  She peers at him as he walks to their closet and riffles around for a moment or two.  When he straightens his back and turns toward her, she jolts in surprise as his eyes lock with hers.
He doesn’t look very surprised.  With a snort, Ludwig drawls, “I thought I told you to close your eyes.  You’re ruining my surprise for you, liebling.”
Adriana gives him a half hearted smile.  He turns back to the closet to grab one last thing before strolling back to her side.  To her chagrin, he keeps his ‘surprise’ behind his back and doesn’t let her see.
“What am I going to do with you?” he murmurs, shifting one knee on the bed.  The mattress sinks down to accommodate him. 
“First you fight me in the kitchen, and now you’re blatantly disobeying orders,” he muses with a sigh.  The corner of his mouth slips up just a tiny bit, betraying him, but by now Adriana knows better than to call him out on it. 
She pouts up at him and says, “I’m very sorry, sir.”
She might twist her body at little, upper back arching, breasts shifting – she doesn’t necessarily do it on purpose, of course.  Or at least that’s what she’d tell Ludwig if he asked.  As it is, he appears to be a little distracted as his eyes drag down to watch her.  He seems to stiffen, shoulders back and gaze hard, and when he looks back at her face, he lets out a growl and edges closer.
He throws her legs around his waist, anchors himself between her thighs, and murmurs, “You seem to want punishment tonight.  Would you beg for it, I wonder?”
His hands fan out over her thighs, fingers press between the conjuncture of her pelvis, caress her hipbones, slide up her abdomen.  Adriana doesn’t answer him.  She isn’t sure she even can, not when he’s so close.  The only thing that shatters her desire is the fact that he’s still wearing his briefs.  Still, even that is easily rectified, though she realizes a moment later that she will not be the one to do said rectifying anytime soon.
Handcuffs.  She should’ve known.  They are his go-to tool whenever he’s feeling in the mood.  Adriana’s eyes widen the moment they’re revealed, but she doesn’t stop him from dragging her wrists up to the metal headboard and securing them there.
His hips surge forward as he does, grinding against hers as he binds her wrists together and locks them above her.  Adriana’s quite sure he does that on purpose – there’s a certain gleam in his eye as he smirks down at her.  Her eyelids flutter at the movement of his hips, and it’s during this mindless distraction that Ludwig brings out his other tool.
She feels the silk before she sees it, but when she does open her eyes it’s too late  He’s already tying the blindfold around her head and tugging at the knot to make sure it won’t loosen. 
“Ludwig?” she murmurs, twisting her head to see if any light shows through the fabric.  But she knows it won’t.  This isn’t the first time she’s worn this.  She feels safe despite her position – they’ve done this too many times before for her to feel any differently.
Still, the surprised excitement rises up within her, strengthening when she feels his hand slide down her body from her collar to her naval.
“I told you to keep your eyes closed,” he reminds her in a low, erotic voice.  “This is just for extra security.”
She whimpers when his thumbs brush against her clit for half a second before darting away completely.  He seems fully intent on making use of her new predicament. 
And what a strangely erotic one it is.  With her eyesight gone, Adriana feels hypersensitive to everything else.  Her skin burns when he comes into contact with it.  Her seems to pick up on every sound she hadn’t before – the crease of the sheets beneath her, shifting as their bodies move; Ludwig’s low breathing; her own breathless pants – it invades her ears like a riotous symphony of unperturbed sound that makes her quake where she lays.
That’s not the only thing that makes her quake.  She moans in surprised delight when she feels his mouth lower itself to her breast, tongue circling her nipple teasingly before he laps more energetically at her.  His fingers shift against her, dragging her hips abruptly against his and molding them together.  She gasps tightly at the move, because somewhere between putting the blindfold on and touching her like this, he seems to have removed the last piece of clothing separating them.  When her lower half connects to his, she feels his erection press against her clit in the most arousing way imaginable.
“Ludwig,” she moans, twisting into the sheets, hips bucking into his shamelessly.  His teeth gently sink down around her nipples and she keens, jerking her wrists against their binds in her desire to hold him.  But she can’t move; he’s got her pinned to the bed in more ways than one.  When he holds her hips down firmly, she nearly cries.
“Please,” she begs, closing her eyes beneath the blindfold.  She’s never been a particularly patient person, and this is torture.  The events in the kitchen have already made her desperate.  She can’t take much more teasing.
“Please Ludwig,” she gasps, writhing into him when his hips smoothly thrust against her.  His cock brushes over her clit, spearing open her folds, but it isn’t how she wants him.  He’s not inside her, and she doesn’t care if he’d been planning on dragging this out longer.  She’s been gone too long for this.
“Please please pl – mmmmmm,” she moans, a long drawn out sound that she never even knew she could make.  But Ludwig seems to have taken her pleas into consideration, because she can suddenly feel the tip of his cock breaching her entrance.
He chuckles lowly, darkly.  “How could I say no to those pretty words?” he asks, twisting her nipple teasingly even as he holds her hips down.  She isn’t against bucking up into him and taking him further – and he knows it.  She’s rushing him a little, but he’s the one setting the pace.
She moans again when he pulls out and pushes back in, just barely taking her.
“You look so perfect right now,” he tells her slowly, brushing his fingers against her hipbone.  “You’ve got no idea what you even do to me, do you liebling?”
There’s something in his voice, something that makes her moan again.  It’s aroused but gentle, loving somehow.  She can’t deny that it makes her skin burn as if she’s on fire, and she is at once breathless in a way she hadn’t been before.  She wants him so much, it hurts.
“Please Ludwig,” she whispers once more, body tilting into an arch that makes his throat tight.  His breath hitches as he watches her, rock hard even as he sits at her entrance, half inside her.  He probably thinks this every time he’s about to take her, but he’s never wanted to fuck her more than he does right now.
“So polite,” he murmurs, sounding raw and hoarse.  If she picks up on it, she doesn’t say.  Adriana’s vocabulary seems to have diminished down to one single word at the moment.  A word that happens to make Ludwig so aroused he can barely even breathe.
How can he say no to her when she’s like this?  It’s an impossibility he can’t even consider.
“You remember your word?” he asks, leaning down and brushing a finger down her cheek. 
She turns to the touch and whispers, “Yes.”
Ludwig fights back a smile at the impatience in her tone.  Since she’s so eager, he decides not to warn her.  When he suddenly starts pressing himself inside her, Adriana whines loudly and moves to shift her hips again, but Ludwig tsks in her ear, grappling her ass and pulling her nearly sideways as he enters her with one fluid stroke.
“Oh God!” she cries out, burning against him.  It’s so intensely glorious, having his body right there, close enough to touch – and yet not being able to.  She feels him everywhere.  They’re practically chest to chest.  He’s filling her so perfectly that she wants to scream.  Especially when he forcefully drags her hips against him to meet his thrusts.
The angle of it, the determined intent behind his every movement…well, she can’t be blamed for the way her voice rises and creases with moans.  She’s not usually so loud, but she doesn’t remember ever being so turned on, either.  She doesn’t even try to keep her voice down.  At this point, she doubts she’d be able to.
Besides, Ludwig seems perfectly fine with it, if the muffled German he’s muttering against her neck is any indication.  She can’t pick out the words in her state but she knows it’s hot as hell.  She wishes she could see him properly – he rarely lets himself go to such an extent.  The longing must’ve been bad for him, too, because the sheer relief in his voice is enough to make her crazy.
He kisses her neck, moves his lips to her ear, groans a deep, delirious moan that nearly sends her tumbling right into her orgasm.  His thrusts turn equally as deep, like he’s drinking her in, absorbing her into himself.  He’s so hot and hard and perfect inside her that Adriana whimpers and tilts her head back, arching her body gracefully against his.  She hears him curse solidly and starts to move faster, pulling himself up onto his elbows.
His hands flutter down her legs and suddenly he’s pushing her thighs against her stomach, bearing his weight upon her as his thrusts turn frantic.  The new angle gives him deeper access to her and its at once heavenly – utterly amazing – and she nearly sobs as she feels him overtake her.
“Ludwig!” she cries, and for a moment she’s extremely thankful to have the blindfold because she can feel tears collect at the corners of her eyes.  She’s not in pain; she’s merely so relieved that they’re finally together again and can still have this despite the time spent apart.  She never has to leave him again.  The thought is sweeter than anything in this moment and she smiles.
It’s that smile that sends him over the edge.  He’s not entirely sure why she’s grinning, but he does know that it looks enchanting on her face.  There’s something about her smile that’s always captivated him, and when he sees the happiness shine through it, Ludwig exhales sharply and groans.
He doesn’t bother warning her.  Instead, he just presses his thumb to her clit and starts brushing firm circles against her.  Watching her reaction to his touch is so arousing that he can’t halt the sudden tide of his orgasm as it sweeps through him.
Luckily, she’s not far behind. 
“Oh God,” she sobs, bucking her hips up to feel more, always more.  Her body arches again into that elegant tilt and it’s so beautiful that Ludwig can’t look away.  She throws her head back, exposing her long, pale neck.  She doesn’t refuse the firm insistence of his touch, especially not when she hears him groan and start ramming into her faster, harder – a telltale sign of his end.
“Come for me, liebling,” he tells her, voice ground up into shards of smoky desire.  It sounds so erotic, matches the perfection of his thrusts, the arousing atmosphere of their bedroom, that Adriana can do nothing but obey.
“Oh yes!  Fuck!  Ludwig!” she cries, sounding hoarse but so eager, so relieved.  Her hips buck furiously into his, tilting down to meet him with a ferocity that hadn’t been there before.  And he meets her, filling her so perfectly that she could cry.  Actually, she does cry.  She feels the tears soak into the blindfold and doesn’t try to stop them.
He spills into her almost suddenly, as if he can’t hold himself back a moment longer despite all his efforts.  Her orgasm sweeps through her only seconds after, made all the better from the way she feels him filling her up.  And then Ludwig is leaning down, stroking into her long and deep, dragging their orgasms out in the best way possible as he gathers her up in his arms.
Now, more than ever, she wishes she could hold him.  Fortunately, she gets that wish soon after.
They lay together for a few peaceful minutes, both too tired to move quite yet.  He lays his head on her chest and heaves out a deep sigh, fingers tracing her skin in an almost idle manner. 
It’s only when Adriana murmurs, “Untie me?” that he seems to remember her current predicament.
With a soft swear, he pulls himself up and hurries to unknot the silk ties around her wrists.  When he eases the blindfold over her forehead and sees the watery gaze that blinks back at him, he freezes.
For a moment, he’s horrified he did something to hurt her.  Adriana has never been comfortable speaking her mind entirely.  For the first couple years into their dating, he’d had to force her opinions out of her.  But then they’d gotten married, and by then she had dropped that shyness around him.  It is easier, now, for her to speak her mind, for her to tell him if she’s okay with his slightly kinkier bedroom plans.
His face creases into a frown.  Hands flutter down her body, suddenly intent on finding every hurt, every pain.  Those watery eyes make his heart stop.
“Ludwig,” Adriana murmurs, laughing a little.  It’s a breathless, beautiful sound, but he can’t bring himself to enjoy it.
“You’re crying,” he says, point blank.  “Did I hurt you?”
She shakes her head, but it brings little comfort.
“It’s just…I’m so relieved that we’re together again,” she whispers, almost as if she thinks that admitting something so intimate will make him laugh at her.  Her eyes dart away.  “You didn’t hurt me.  I’m only so happy.”
Her voice breaks a bit on the last word, and Ludwig can’t stop the smile from overtaking his face.  He should’ve known.  Adriana is a very emotional person, but she tries to hide all that away whenever possible.  It’s one of the things he loves about her.
He chuckles, relieved, and returns to her arms.  As they settle back down together, he leans up to brush the corner of her eye and murmurs, “I’m happy too.”
She tries to fight back a grin, but she fails.  He chuckles against and lowers his mouth to hers, kissing her solidly as he wraps her up into his embrace.
He loses track of how many times they make love that night.  All he knows is that as dawn approaches and they finally close their eyes, he suspects they transcended happiness and are well on their way to euphoria.



[1] liebling … love


  1. Welcome back to the world of your blog, so happy to see you here again. It's very interesting you made an autistic character, I did detect hints of it. You make such beauty in your requests that it is mind boggling, whatever idea you put your mind to becomes beautifully executed in my opinion. I definitely saw the elements of the kinkier BDSM sort of idea, light fluff but definitely evident.

  2. Replies
    1. I also like how you portrayed Audrey's autism. My best friend has Autism, it was bad in her younger days, but now it only is ever apparent is when idioms or phrases confuse her, or when she is overly stubborn about a topic and that's only because she told me she was. Other than that she is perfectly normal and it only impairs her in minor ways and she is lovable and fun

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