Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Carlisle Cullen Lemon -- Fade to Black

Character: Carlisle Cullen

Fandom: Twilight

OC: Violet Anne Cullen, adventurous, humble

Inspiration: Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I will be trying to get a few more requests done this month, so check back over the next few weeks.  ;)

When you’ve been alive for several centuries longer than the average human, holidays tend to become less magical and more ordinary - not that it stops Carlisle Cullen from making an attempt to create something utterly enchanting.
He had asked Violet several weeks ago how she wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The year before they had gone to their island house in the Caribbean for a getaway.  Emmett and Rosalie had followed their usual Valentine’s schedule and booked a trip up north, and Jasper had taken Alice on a surprise trip as well.  Their vanishing acts are sensible – it is difficult being intimate in a house full of vampires.  Even Edward and Bella had decided to spend the day in their other house several miles into the forest, cosied up in their cottage.
Violet hadn’t wanted to travel though.  She is quite content to stay in their now very empty house and enjoy the rare privacy.  She doesn’t expect anything from her husband.  Not because she doesn’t believe he would fulfill her wishes, but because this year she is happy to merely revel in the total solitude that seldom infiltrates their home.  With their ‘children’ gone, it is perfectly blissful.
Of course, not quite as blissful as the extraordinary transformation that their bedroom seems to have taken.  She doesn’t expect it, but then again, Carlisle does tend to go out of his way occasionally.
Instead of going on a trip, Carlise seems to have gone out of his way to create something even more lavish.  How he had managed to do it without her knowledge is beyond her.  She rarely misses anything – her perception has only grown stronger upon becoming a vampire and she can usually figure out when someone has motives they aren’t verbally admitting.  She can only assume that this had been the reason Edward and Bella has asked her to drop Renesmee off at Charlie’s house.  It seems that they were in on it too.
When she walks into the house after dropping the child off, Carlisle is nowhere to be found.  She thinks its odd – he spends most of his time downstairs during the days he’s not at the hospital – and goes to look for him.  When she doesn’t find him anywhere on the ground floor, Violet naturally gravitates to their bedroom to see if he had disappeared there.
She certainly doesn’t expect the hallway leading to their room to be littered with rose petals, but it does give her a pretty good idea as to what awaits her behind the closed door.
She’s smiling when she opens it, eyes soft even before she’s able to drink in the sight of their transformed bedroom.  Rose petals are strewn across the floor and bed.  The gauzy curtains are drawn, and the late afternoon gray edges through the fabric just so.  There are several candles perched around the surfaces.  The effect of their flickering light is dazzling – yet not quite so dazzling as Carlisle himself, who stands in the center of it all, smiling quietly with one hand slipped into the pocket of his trousers.  The other dangles at his side, his fingers loosely holding a single rose that matches the petals he had strewn about the room.
“You’ve been busy during the last thirty minutes, I see,” Violet says, leaning against the doorframe with a grin.  She catches his eye and the corner of his mouth tilts up into a wider smile.
“Well…the hardest part was plucking off all the petals, to be honest,” Carlisle says with a chuckle, and she laughs too.
“Mmm…” she pushes away from the doorframe and steps inside, walking up to her husband with a spark in her eye that immediately catches his attention.  He stands straighter as a result, shoulders back as she circles him, her gentle curiosity turning into bolder fascination.  “…You missed one,” she murmurs, reaching down to touch the edges of the rose he’s holding.
He smiles crookedly and lifts it up, body gravitating down to hers as he says, “It was entirely intentional.”  He holds it out for her and she curls her fingers around the stem with a laughing hum.
They’re standing so close that she can feel the pull of him drawing her in, but she doesn’t go quite yet.  Instead Violet tilts her chin up to catch his eye and smiles, “Well…now that you’ve lured me up here, I wonder what else you intend to do.”
Carlisle quirks an eyebrow and fights off a smirk.  An almost mischievous light captures his gaze as he looks down at her.  The quiet, comforting intimacy turns a degree wilder just from that look alone.  It is an expression she knows very well by now, and suppressing the shiver that threatens to slip through her is harder than it seems.
He lifts a hand to her face, fingers brushing over her cheek, and murmurs, “How does a bath sound?”
Violet raises an eyebrow and leans in to whisper a mischievous, “That sounds absolutely heavenly.”
He chuckles, tilts her chin up slightly higher, and leans down to brush his mouth against hers.  It’s a light and airy kiss, gone so fast that Violet is left drowning in the precursory of desire as its tendrils sink into her.
If Carlisle notices (he probably does), he doesn’t say anything.  His only response is a quiet smile as he gestures to the master bathroom.  Violet allows him his silent order.  She has learned when to be stubborn and when not to be, and this is one of those latter moments. 
The bathroom is similarly decorated, with rose petals littering the tiled floor and a few of them even floating in the water.  Violet fights off a smile at the sight.  Carlisle truly went out of his way today.  Not every woman would be so lucky.
He comes up behind her and rests his hand on her shoulders.  With a gentle squeeze, they drop down her arms and encircle her waist.  She leans back against him and watches as Carlisle slowly begins to press open the buttons of her shirt, gradually making his way up to her collar.  When he gets there, he tips her head back to rest on his shoulder and looks down at her.
“Do you like my surprise?” he wonders almost idly.  On the surface, his voice is entirely innocent in a way his hand is not – his fingers pluck the cups of her bra down and smoothes them over her breasts.  Violet hums at his touch and smiles up at him.
“I suppose I do,” she replies, equally as nonchalant.  Carlisle, immediately knowing what sort of game she’s playing, grins boyishly.
“You don’t sound very pleased,” he murmurs, lips moving down her neck and back up again as his fingers pull her unbuttoned shirt from her frame. 
As he’s unclipping her bra and pushing it away, Violet laughs, “I’m sure my mind will change soon enough.” 
Her breath hitches when his hands return to her breasts and gently massages them.  With a hum, she pushes her chest into his hands and trails her fingers down the length of his leg – as much as it as she can reach in her current position.  When her rear presses into his crotch and she wriggles against him, Carlisle sighs out against her ear.
“Impatient,” he says with a breathy chuckle, and nips at her earlobe as his hands shift down the plane of her stomach.  Violet smiles in agreement and murmurs, “Hurry up, Carlisle,” in a voice low enough to demand his attention.
In response, he nearly rips her jeans in two. 
“Carlisle!” she squeals, jumping out of his arms and assessing the slightly frayed edges of her jeans.  He laughs when she throws him a glower, but she’s not really that angry.  Over the years, he’s ruined more over her clothes than she can remember.  It isn’t particularly hard – being a vampire, strength is sometimes overlooked, and even Carlisle’s usual brand of serenity has its limits when it comes to intimacy.
“These were expensive,” she sighs, tugging them down her hips as if it’s all a terrible shame.  He knows she doesn’t really think so – the spark of mischief in her eye exaggerates her glower, distilling it into something that looks more eager than upset.  Besides, with the money they’ve accumulated over the decades, buying a new pair of jeans is the last of their worries.
Carlisle shrugs, putting his hands back into his pockets as he watches Violet bend over and slip the jeans down her legs.  The panties she’s wearing are no doubt designer too – French, by the look of them.  To spare himself her annoyance of having to buy another pair of those, he decides to hang back and enjoy the sight of her undressing in front of him.
For him, really.  The way she wriggles her hips and slowly pulls down her panties makes it fairly clear that she’s exaggerating her movements, too. 
He smirks and tilts his head, taking her in as he responds, “You’ve got a dozen pairs of jeans.  I’m sure having one less won’t be such an issue.”
Violet makes a face at him and straightens up, completely naked and utterly gorgeous as she tosses her panties to the side and puts her hands on her hips.  The action annunciates her slim waist and long fingers, and the fire that burns beneath Carlisle’s skin intensifies.
“That is such a male thing to say,” she replies with a sigh, and turns to the bathtub.  She can feel his eyes on her the entire time as she slips into the water.  It might have unnerved her, had she not become used to his assessing eyes and calm mannerisms.  Now it just makes her feel excited and aroused to know that he is paying such singular attention to her every move.
When she leans back and gets comfortable, Violet glances over at him and raises an eyebrow.  “What are you waiting for?”
He smiles and walks forward, but doesn’t try to take his clothes off like she assumes he will.  Instead, Carlisle pulls up a short stool behind the tub and starts casually rolling up his sleeves.
“I’m not getting in,” he tells her.  When she tries to sit up to face him, Carlisle plants his hands on her shoulders and presses her gently back down.  He keeps his hands there as he leans in and murmurs, “This is for you.  Now relax.”
She opens her mouth to question him, but when he starts massaging her shoulders, Violet can only purr and melt into his hands.
“Have I ever told you you’re an amazing man?” she wonders, tilting her head back to glance up at him.  The smile he sends her makes him look boyishly handsome and endlessly attractive.
“You’ve probably mentioned it before,” he says softly, leaning down to kiss her cheeks before pulling back and moving his hands to the back of her neck.  She settles into his movements with a happy sigh.
“You are,” she murmurs, closing her eyes and enjoying his touch.  Not for the first time, she thinks she’s a very lucky woman to be able to call him her own.  Meeting him was the best thing to happen to her.  She can’t imagine how lonely her life would have been had he not asked to be a part of it.
She voices her thoughts when she sighs out, “I’m very lucky, you know.  Not every woman can say she’s got such a perfect man.”
Carlisle laughs quietly and shifts his fingers from her neck to her collar, thumbs brushing over her skin as he makes his way down her down.  He leans over her to reach her breasts, once again taking them against his palms and running his touch over her nipples. 
“We’re both lucky,” he whispers to her, and leans down to take her mouth against his.
She coils up to kiss him harder, lifting a hand to press against his cheek, fingertips brushing over the soft blonde hair that frame his face.  A soft sighing moan overtakes her as his thumbs press over her nipples, circling them with just the right amount of firm gentleness that he often graces her with.  His every action is familiar and yet new, refreshed in a way that makes her want him more than ever.  And the fact that he is fully dressed as he leans over her only makes her arousal pound through her that much faster, nearly shocking in its potency.
She decides to do something about that when she guides one of his hands down her stomach.
Carlisle pulls away to catch her eye, raises an eyebrow at her silent order.  She smiles innocently up at him and he laughs, kissing her again and letting her hand pull his to the apex of her thighs.
“Touch me,” she whispers against his lips, a quiet plead that makes the fire spark into a furnace of desire.  He cannot deny her.  Doesn’t want to try.  So he slips his hand between her spread thighs and sinks his fingers into her folds.
Her reaction is immediate and very gratifying.  With a moan, Violet pushes her hips down into his hand and drags his face closer to hers, nipping at his bottom lip and drawing it into her mouth to bite at it.  He sighs out and kisses her harder, pressing his fingers against her core with equal firmness.  It seems that he intends on making her crazy very fast, because the way his fingers immediately circle her clit and press down against the button at the top has her keening against his mouth.
Touching her, kissing her, it all makes his arousal burn faster and brighter with each moment.  He’s hard beneath his trousers, straining up against the layers of fabric.  For all his years though, it is easy to ignore – for now.  This is for her, and pleasuring her brings him just as much happiness as receiving pleasure in return.  It is a perfect blend of that giving and receiving that makes Carlisle spin her arousal into something much more potent.
How he can bring her to orgasm so quickly, she doesn’t know, but before she is fully aware of it, Carlisle’s touch is making her body combust right there in the tub.  His fingers slip inside her, thrusting so fast that the water jostles and slaps at the sides of the porcelain.  His thumb brushes against her clit quickly, unforgiving in his pursuit of her finish – and the hand that lingers at her breast becomes more insistent as he squeezes her nipple between his fingers and grips her breast harder.  It’s all too much and the sensory overload has its effects on her.
Soon she is gasping into his mouth, eyes helpless and wide as she stares at him.  He pulls back to watch her expression with dark, hungry eyes, drinking her in as her body sparks to life beneath his touch.  Her orgasm makes her see stars on the ceiling of the bathroom, sparkling down at her for several brief moments before she closes her eyes and gives into the rush of adrenaline coursing through her.  Hips jerk up, and she gives a drawn out moan that has Carlisle biting down on his tongue to keep his self control locked tightly up.
When her orgasm fades, Violet moans again and murmurs, “That wasn’t fair.”
Her words make Carlisle laugh and pull away.  “I didn’t hear you complain before.”
She bites her lip and moans again, extricating herself from his arm and sitting up in the tub.  When she turns to him, she looks pointedly down at the bulge in his trousers and leans forward to place her arms on the edge of the bathtub.
“Maybe we should even out of the odds, hmm?  Come here,” she murmurs, catching his eyes with hers.  There is something hungry in that gaze that has Carlisle edging forward.  Any complaint he might have had completely fades away when Violet’s hands slide over the top of his thighs, too close to his crotch for him to possibly be able to ignore.
When she rubs her fingers over his clothed length, Carlisle decides that ignoring her has never done him any good and he doesn’t plan on trying any time soon, especially now.
“Take your shirt off,” she tells him, glancing up to give him a little smirk.  He smiles back and obeys, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off his body.  As he does, she unbuttons her trousers and pulls his cock out, fisting her hand around his erection and giving it a few pumps.  The shiver that unspools through him is reward enough for her actions, but Violet doesn’t intend to stop there.
She leans forward in the tub and guides his cock to her mouth, darting her tongue over his head and tracing around it.  Carlisle watches her every movement as she slowly takes him into her mouth, cheeks pulling in and sucking at him.  He isn’t able to stop the groan that spills from his throat at the sight and feel of her – though he does make an attempt to halt the sound.  Violet is glad that he’s unsuccessful.  The noises he makes do silly little things to her body.
She takes it slow, at first, but in retribution to the fast way he had made her come before, the slow movements don’t last very long.  Soon, she is pumping him into her mouth quickly, sucking hard, drawing teasing little licks over his tip before starting over again.  And Carlisle is leaning forward, fingers slipping into her hair, eyes zeroed in on the way his cock enters and leaves her lips as if he can’t possibly look away.  The intensity of his gaze easily makes her arousal spark up again, once more pounding through her insistently.
The way he can arouse her with such minimal effort used to frighten her, but now she craves it. 
His fingers tighten around her hair as he watches her, shifting it back to the base of her neck.  He’s sitting on the very edge of the stool, and it takes more control than he can admit to not buck his hips up and push his cock further into her mouth.  His orgasm threatens him from the back of his mind, and every thrust of her lips and teasing touch of her tongue has it unfurling that much faster.  Which is why Carlisle suddenly moves his fingers from her hair to her face, halting her downward movements abruptly.
She lingers there for a moment with the tip of his cock between her lips.  Her eyes shift up to lock with his, and she can nearly see the frayed control make itself known in his gaze.  His expression looks pained, almost, as if stopping her had been an act of immense willpower.  She has no doubt that it was – but that doesn’t stop her from swirling her tongue against the tip of his member in a flourish of mischief.
Carlisle’s throat convulses at the action.  He draws her head back before she can do anymore damage on his control and is up out of the stool within seconds.  Even Violet’s matched superhuman abilities do not allow her to fully follow his movements from then on, and she finds herself in his arms so quickly that she is left miles behind.
With a laughing squeal, Violet clamps her around her his neck as he rushes them out of the bathroom, not even bothering to towel her off before dropping her onto the rose petal bed.  She lands in the center, naked and wet amidst the gentle fragrance of roses, and watches as her husband quickly strips himself of the trousers that still cling to his hips.
She can’t quite match his fast movements, but when he crawls onto the bed as naked as her, Violet can certainly admire them.
He’s nestling against her before she can so much as speak, body laying flat against the length of hers.  She revels in the feel of him against her, the way he tilts her chin up to kiss her, the way his fingers splay out over her thigh to shift it aside.  His hips press down into hers and the hard length of his cock makes her quiver beneath him, eager for more.
There is nothing quite like the fullness of having him inside her – it is indescribable and more intimate than she can coherently put into words.  But when Carlisle lines himself up and thrusts into her, she decides that she’s never really needed words anyway, not with him.  He is her match in so many ways, and as he hilts himself within her, expression soft and eyes softer, Violet can only hold onto him and kiss him just as softly.
The quickness of their foreplay doesn’t appear to make a rebound in the bedroom.  Carlisle is gentle with her, as always, but there is a firmness in his lovemaking that has her begging for more.  It’s cold but warm, hard but soft, tranquil but energetic – uniquely him.  She rises up to meet his thrusts, to take him farther inside her, and falls into the beautiful way he loves her.
It’s so easy to do so.  He kisses her gently even as his thrusts quicken, hips pinning hers down to the mattress with every downward movement.  She wraps her legs around his waist and locks her ankles together behind his back, heels digging into his skin and forcing him deeper.  There is a reverence to the way he touches her, hands smoothing over her body every now and then in between the raw, frantic moments of his lovemaking.
But the wilderness is constantly shifting, circling like gravity that plucks at their bodies, and Carlisle cannot hold it off for much longer.  When Violet murmurs his name with that shaky reverence, he knows it is futile.  And when she tips her head back and comes, the sight and feel of her send him abruptly over the edge as well.
“Carlisle – “ she gasps, her voice a scrape of abandonment.  Her body quickly follows suit, falling into the mattress as her muscles contract around him.  Her orgasm pulls her expression into a lovely sight that Carlisle cannot look away from.  He hovers over her with dark, hungry eyes and allows her to drag him down into her.
With a shuddering groan, he spills himself inside her, continuing his thrusts until the last traces of pleasure recede.  Then he begins littering her face and neck with kisses, shifting his body to her side as he rolls off of her.  He gathers her up in his arms with a sigh and pulls her against him.  Violet smiles as he tucks her into his side, throwing a leg over his and chuckling.
“…What is it?” he wonders, eyes closed despite the fact that neither of them feel tired.  They haven’t felt exhaustion in decades and a few bedroom antics aren’t going to make them start.
Violet hums and kisses his chest.  “I was just thinking how nice it is to have the house to ourselves.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had all this privacy.”  She nudges his leg with hers and tilts her head up to smirk at him.  Her eyes twinkle with subdued mischief – subdued, because Carlisle well knows that it won’t be like that for much longer.
He fights off a smile and gives her a raised eyebrow.  “We have three days of complete privacy.  I can’t imagine how we’re going to spend it all.”
The way his hand slips down her body tells Violet that he can, in fact, imagine.  She giggles.
“A shame you have hospital shifts,” she murmurs, arching her body up so she is hovering just above him, their faces close as she threads her fingers into his hair.  Carlisle’s smile returns, but this time he doesn’t bother fighting it off.
“I managed to move two of them to other days.  We’ll have plenty of time to ourselves,” he responds, and leans up to kiss her.
Violet happily kisses him back.  She can’t stop her smile from weaving over her lips. 
Against his mouth she whispers, “Mmm…you are an amazing man.”
He grins.  Then abruptly rolls her over.  Violet laughs loudly, though he muffles her laughter when he leans down to press his mouth to hers again.
They make the most of their privacy over the course of those three days.



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