Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Josephine Montilyet Lemon -- Refuge

Character: Josephine Montilyet

OC: Devon Trevelyan, Male!Inquisitor, reckless and never serious

Fandom: Dragon Age Inquisition

Inspiration: I'm sorry for the long wait on these lemons, guys!  Life suddenly got insanely busy for me.  I'm getting through them as fast as I can so bear with me a little longer!  I will be doing 400 follower requests this summer, but I definitely need to get some things in order first.  I'll put up an update regarding that when it gets closer.
Anyway - I was watching YouTube DA romance scenes and after seeing the duel scene for Josie, I was like yes, I’m doing this.  It’s not girl/girl because I liked the idea of using a male Inquisitor and getting into his head a bit ;D  It’s a bit different from my usual style but I hope you all enjoy!

He hadn’t meant to tell her that he loved her.  Love was such a serious word and Devon Trevelyan was not a serious man.  Despite his noble breeding, he took diplomacy with a grain of salt and preferred a more reckless lifestyle.  That recklessness was what got him into that duel in the first place.  It was what made him all but shout his love for the woman in question too – above the squalor of excitable Orlesians and the annoyed muttering of Josephine’s betrothed.  He hadn’t meant to say it, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t real.  Besides, it was so worth it.
Before that moment, their relationship had been firm but gentle.  Diplomatic almost.  Josephine was a stranger to love.  Devon wasn’t exactly experienced in such matters either (he doubted any nobles were), so he had carefully maneuvered them through the deep waters of their fatal attraction.  Chaste kisses had slowly morphed to quiet, worshipful lovemaking.  Cuddling, soft touches, holding hands.  Then laughing kisses pressed into small alcoves, meandering touches and slow teasing.  Devon wasn’t normally a patient man, but for Josephine, he would go at whatever pace she needed.  But this…
“Andraste’s balls, Josie – this is hardly the place,” he murmured, trying to sound less breathless than he did.  He failed.  His voice was a gasp of sound that had everything to do with the way she was tearing open his doublet and grinding up against his hips.  The duel had barely ended before Josie had hauled him off to the first empty space she could find.  They were still in Val Royeaux and despite their hidden alcove, they were still very much in public.  It was…it was sexy as fuck.  He had never seen her this eager and it was making him crazy.
He could complain all he liked, but Devon couldn’t stop touching her regardless.  Their mouths moved frantically, tongues dipping against tongues as he gripped his fingers into her elaborate hairstyle and jerked her head back.  She was gasping and coiling against him, her fingers dancing over his chest.  His shirt was open and he desperately wanted their compromising situation to get even more scandalous because he had never seen her turn into such a wildcat.
“Mmm…I disagree, Inquisitor,” she purred, nipping at his bottom lip and making him moan.  She lowered a hand to his trousers and cupped him through the fabric, rubbing wicked fingertips over the hard bulge that had formed since she had dragged him into the dark crevice.  She smirked and began kissing his neck, as her fingers kept up their sinful touches.  “I think this is the perfect place.”
He clenched her against him, rolling his hips into her hand with desperate passion.  He couldn’t help it – whenever she played the ‘Inquisitor’ card, he turned into a helpless mess.  Even before their relationship had truly taken off, it had made him crazy.  There was just something about the way she twisted the word on her Antivan tongue.  The lilted, subtle teasing, as if she knew exactly the effect it had on him.  She probably did, even back then.  Josephine had a remarkable talent of seeing through people’s barriers.
“I didn’t know you were this…” he trailed off, trying and failing to find the right word.  He could scarcely think with her hand working over his shaft.  His veins were fire, burning beneath his skin in the best way possible, and he could barely think at all but for arousing thoughts.  Such as pushing her against the wall and thoroughly returning the favor.
She giggled and suggested, “Morally questionable?  Impatient?  In love with you?”
Ah, there were those words again, murmured so sweetly from her lips that Devon’s wayward thoughts took a sharp, heady turn.  At once he wanted to make love to her.  He wanted the privacy of his chambers and her in his bed, surrounded by his scent, covered with his kisses.  For a reckless and sometimes thoughtless man who had never given much stock in love, it was a rather consuming wish.
He chuckled deeply and cupped her face, drawing her head up and catching her eyes with his.  She slowed her touches to look at him curiously, and he murmured, “Say it again.” 
Say it a million times.  Two million times.  Josephine smiled.
“I love you,” she whispered, and kissed him.  It felt raw.  Unquestionably beautiful.  Desire roiled through him and even though they were far from Skyhold and that big bed of his, Devon suddenly didn’t care.  He rolled her around, pressing her against the wall instead, and began the tedious task of maneuvering her out of her finery.  It took longer than he would’ve liked, considering the fact that at any moment, their private little alcove might not be quite so private after all.
He tore away the delicate breast band and cupped her, rolling her nipples over his palms with abandon and kissing her deeply.  Josphine gasped and arched into him, curling one leg around his as she pushed her hips against the hardness tenting up his trousers.  Even if this wasn’t the most ideal place, there would be no leaving anytime soon.  He’d make sure of that. 
With one distracted glance over his shoulder, Devon pushed Josephine further into the dark shadows of the alcove.  She had picked a decent place, actually.  He was confused, before, as to why she was dragging him to the upper levels of the city until she had made her agenda known in the best of ways.  Here, it was far less busy, and much more private.
He hiked her skirts up with a roguish grin and chuckled when she let out a surprised gasp and instinctively reached out to grasp his wrists.  Propriety, as always, spurred at her mind.  She had to remind herself that even though this was Val Royeaux and they’d get into a behemoth of trouble if they were discovered, it would be extremely worthwhile in the end.  She pressed back a giggle and slowly released him, hiking her skirts up to her waist by herself.
The drape of the fabric had never felt so heavy before.  She’d do anything to get out of it, but unfortunately that would have to wait.  For now, she’d have to content herself with at least being able to connect their hips much more adequately. 
He could feel the ache of his arousal press against his trousers, and from the looks of it, she could too.  For a moment they merely stayed as they were, hip to hip, fiercely shifting against each other as their lips tumbled together.  He opened his mouth to her, tongue darting out to rub at her own.  His actions caused the most delicious moan to spill from her throat, and Devon let out a pleased sound when Josephine’s fingers grasped at his belt with sudden impatience.
This was most certainly not the place for soft, draw out lovemaking.  They were practically in public, regardless of their slightly more private spot.  Diplomatic as ever, Josephine knew that they didn’t have much time – but she’d be damned if she let this opportunity go without properly taking hold of it.  Or, in this instance, him. 
His trousers undone, Josephine edged her hand into the fabric to grasp him.  He was hot and hard against her and her blood burned at the feel of his desire for her.  Her head fell back and his hungry lips descended upon her neck, hips jerking into her hand with an almost desperate need that clung to him and drove him forward.  He couldn’t possibly help it – the simplest touch would send him to his knees right about now, and it was only his own unfailing willpower that kept him upright.
When she gently squeezed him, said willpower very nearly crumbled.  Especially when she pulled him entirely from his trousers and began to pump his cock against her palm.
“Andraste – “ he began, only barely biting down his curse when he felt her thumb brush over his tip.  She had shown herself to be quite knowledgeable in these sorts of matters before, but their precarious position in this large city lent a dangerous quality to their actions that made everything seem so much better.
He should have told her he loved her ages ago.
“Shhh,” Josephine whispered into his ear, her mouth set in a wicked smirk that had his heart pounding.  “We mustn’t get caught,” she murmured, looping one leg around his and pulling him closer.  He vaguely thought that her words rather contradicted her actions.  She was pushing him to the edge without even trying.
Devon groaned and fumbled to remove the obstacle of her clothing.  His fingers hooked into her stockings and he tugged them down, barely managing not to rip them in his haste.  Someone would surely notice such a display and he did not want any distasteful rumors to make their way back to Skyhold. 
Wrangling the fabric away as gently as he could took more willpower than Devon wanted to admit, but once they were down around her ankles, Devon decided it was worth it.  Kneeling before her, he sent her a wolfish grin and flipped up her skirts, pressing a kiss to her bare thigh before trailing up.  Josephine let out a garbled moan, half surprised, half eager, when he began sucking at her cunt.
“Devon!” she moaned, hooking her leg around his shoulder and heaving against the wall.  The dress she wore today had skirts long enough to hide him almost entirely, but for the sheer mass of his body beneath them.  His tongue darted out to lick at her, dragging across her cunt before his lips suckled at her.  He took her into his mouth and every pass of his tongue had Josephine squirming above him, as if she was seconds away from her end.
That wouldn’t do, not at all.  He thoroughly intended to drag this out as long as possible in the short time frame they had, but perhaps he would save the best of it for when they returned to Skyhold.  For now…
Devon was back on his feet in seconds, smirking vividly at Josephine’s flushed face as he crowded against her, throwing her skirts back up around her waist.  She barely had time to prepare herself before he sliding his hands to her rear and lifting her up.  Their hips, this time bare, pressed against each other completely, and Devon couldn’t suppress the shiver that took a hold of him at the feeling of her heat against his cock.
He tilted her chin up and kissed her – wildly, uncontrollably – before lining himself up and pushing himself into her.
The sound she made then, all ragged and willful, had him sinking into her with a groan.  She felt amazing around him.  Her heat was an inferno, and the pressure on his cock was heavenly.  She must have felt similarly, because a raw expression had taken hold of her face that it looked extremely good, twisting up the contours of her mouth and making her eyes shine.
“I love you,” Devon whispered, pressing his forehead against hers as he gave her a little time to grow accustomed to his presence within her.  He could feel her muscles spasming around his cock and it felt amazing – so good that he had to force himself not to move.  He wanted to feel more of her, to let her desire clash and merge with his – and so when she shifted her hips impatiently against his and a flash of pleasure skittered through him, Devon didn’t hold back.
“Mmm – love you,” he whispered again, this time into her hair.  Josephine pressed her face into his neck and moaned, wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders as he began thrusting quickly.  He certainly wasn’t wasting any time, but his haste only made her desire skyrocket.  She felt as though she might come any second now, which felt natural even as it surprised her.
She twisted her fingers into the back of his tunic and moaned, “I love you too.”  Her voice cracked on the last word, as if even speaking was difficult for her at this moment.  It only served to make Devon that much crazier, both to hear the words on her tongue and to listen to her passionate voice in his ear.
His hips pinned her to the wall, hands cushioning every movement as they gripped her arse.  He squeezed the globes of her flesh as he pushed himself into her, breathing heavily as his desire spiraled up into the most beautiful crescendo.
He didn’t know how long they were there, pressed into the alcove as the world outside passed them by, but he did know one thing: this little moment in Val Royeaux would hopefully be one they visited again.
(From the look in Josephine’s eye as they made their journey home later that day, feeling more than satisfied, he had a feeling she was of the same mind.)



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