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Welcome to my blog! It was created a few years ago when I needed a place to post my lemons. From there, it's become more of a project of mine in my effort to become a better writer.  If you feel like leaving a comment, go right ahead -- I end up reading most of them some time or another so yours won't be missed.

On this page you'll find ways to contact me, which Fandoms I accept if you're looking to request, and what information to send in with said request. I only write for the anime/books listed below, but the list is added to whenever I get into a new fandom.

If you're looking to request, here are some pointers that will get you on my good side :3  P
lease don't assume I'll automatically accept your request, because I absolutely cannot stand when people are like that.  In fact, if you do, I will refuse your request purely on the basis of you annoying me.  So.  I'm stubborn.  
Also, I'm a total shit when it comes to responding to emails.  When I publicly open requests, it's literally impossible for me to answer them all so I don't even bother.  If I accept your request, I'll send you an email a week or two after I receive your request.  When I 'officially' open requests, I usually have an Accepted Requests section on the side of my blog.  People can check for updates there.
Please don't send your request in more than once, unless of course you think it went through wrong or didn't get to me.  I write down every request I get and go over them, so there is really no reason to resend your request for the sole purpose of getting noticed, because changes are, I've already noticed and am considering you. ;)

Disclaimer: Every character depicted on this site does not belong to me, nor do the original characters, who belong to the requester.  Oh, and I don't own the pictures either.

Also, I only post my work on this blog.  A lot of people have emailed me in the past asking if I post elsewhere, as they've seen plagiarized things on different sites.  If you see any of my things posted elsewhere, just know that's not me.    

Email address:

I get my pictures at:, and Google Images

Request Information is listed below.  If you have a request, feel free to send it to my email!

Axis Powers Hetalia
Naruto / Naruto Shippuden
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! / TYL
Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji
D. Gray-Man
Death Note
Fairy Tail
Fruits Basket
Full Metal Alchemist
Inu Yasha
Iwatobi Swim Club / Free!
Kuroko no Basket
Ouran High School Host Club
Samurai Champloo
Vampire Knight

Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings
The Chronicles of Narnia

TV Shows / Games / Movies
BBC Merlin
BBC Sherlock
The Avengers
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Oblivion
Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword
Dragon Age: Origins, DA2, Inquisition
Fallout: New Vegas
Once Upon A Time
Star Trek [TOS, TNG, 2009/2013 movies]
Game of Thrones

Here's some info if you want to send something in.  I'm willing to write just about anything:

Request Sheet
Who You Want:
Type of Request: [Lemon or Baby Daddy.  If BD, please add Names of Children]
Point of View: [2nd, or 3rd Person]
Prompt: [Optional.  This is just a plot idea]
Any Added Info:

One last thing: I rarely/never take requests from people who just send me a bunch of info and nothing more. It's kind of rude, so keep that in mind if you see that I'm accepting requests.  Just trying to make your life easier ya know.

-- XStrangelyxOvercastx