A List of my Hetalia smut, all of which have either OCs or reader-inserts~

An America Lemon -- Elevator

An America Lemon -- Free

An America Lemon -- Indian Summer

An America Lemon -- Listening (to your heart)

An America Lemon -- Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

An America Lemon -- Sexy Bananas

An America Lemon -- Trembling Thunder

An America Lemon -- Windswept

An America and England Lemon -- Gone Like July

An Austria Lemon -- Misfit Me

An Austria Lemon -- Nefarious

An Austria Lemon -- Thunderstorms Are Big Turn Ons

A Bad Touch Trio Lemon -- Fire, Ignited

A Canada Lemon -- Higher

A Canada Lemon -- Homemade Horoscopes

A Canada Lemon -- Like Comets, We Collide

A Canada Lemon -- One

A Canada Lemon -- Wine And Other Things

A China Lemon -- Contact

A China Lemon -- Republic of China

A China Lemon -- Tangled With Silk

A Denmark Lemon -- Cycle

An England Baby Daddy -- Drug Me Silly

An England Baby Daddy -- Plans Gone Awry

An England Lemon -- The Christening of the Counter

An England Lemon -- Diversion

An England Lemon -- Falling Backwards

An England Lemon -- Fever Pitch

An England Lemon -- Rocking the Boat

An England Lemon -- Rough And Tumbled

An England Lemon -- Synchronized

An England Lemon -- Something Like Inspiration

An England Lemon -- The Very Important Interruption

An Estonia Lemon -- Chilled Tea

A Finland Lemon -- Christmas Fever

A France Baby Daddy -- Tough Love

A France Lemon -- Along The Seine

A France Lemon -- Champagne

A France Lemon -- City Of Love

A France Lemon -- Flyaway

A France Lemon -- Liaison

A France Lemon -- Roses Red

A France Lemon -- Sea and Sky

A France Lemon -- Stay-In-Bed Mornings

A France Lemon -- Trembling Sparrow

A France Lemon -- 50,000 ft.

A Germany Baby Daddy -- Built With Love

A Germany Baby Daddy -- Italian Culture

A Germany Baby Daddy -- The Schoolhouse

A Germany Lemon -- Allure

A Germany Lemon -- Brand New Car

A Germany Lemon -- Bubble Baths

A Germany Lemon -- Drift, Darling

A Germany Lemon -- Early Mornings

A Germany Lemon -- Red Stilettos

A Germany Lemon -- Sandpaper

A Germany Lemon -- Stinging Fantasies

A Germany Lemon -- Surrender Your Soul

A Germany Lemon -- Transform

A Germany and Prussia Lemon -- Iron and Blood

A Greece Baby Daddy -- Viridian

A Greece Lemon -- Athens Is Falling

A Greece Lemon -- Oh Athens, Sweetly Rising

A Hong Kong Lemon -- Express Me

An Iceland Lemon -- Cold

A North Italy Baby Daddy -- Nine Months

A North Italy Lemon -- Sing, Sweet Hummingbird

A North and South Italy Lemon -- Imprints

A South Italy Lemon -- Rage

A South Italy Lemon  -- Quake

A Japan Baby Daddy -- Of Bloody Noses

A Japan Lemon -- Oh! Velveteen

A Japan Lemon -- Wrapped

A Lithuania Lemon -- Burning Bridges

A Prussia Lemon -- Caging Thunder

A Prussia Lemon -- Conquer

A Prussia Lemon -- Craving His Jealousy

A Prussia Lemon -- Fester, Double, Shatter

A Prussia Lemon -- Five Minutes

A Prussia Lemon -- Of Bondage

A Poland Baby Daddy -- The Effects Of Dancing

A Poland Lemon -- Blushing His Heart Away

A Russia Lemon -- For Diplomacy's Sake

A Russia Lemon -- Russian Mornings

A Russia Lemon -- Spooned

A Scotland Lemon -- The Hunger

A Scotland Lemon -- Tempered

A Scotland Lemon -- Under A Highland Sky

A Spain Lemon -- The Art Of Being Spanish

A Spain Lemon -- Flight

A Spain Lemon -- Like Birds We Scatter

A Spain Lemon -- Paint the Rain

A Spain Lemon -- Relentless

A Spain Lemon -- Stacked Like Tiles

A Sweden Lemon -- Solemnity

A Switzerland Lemon -- Breakfast On The Patio

A Switzerland Lemon -- Hot Chocolate At Midnight

A Switzerland Lemon -- Induce

A Switzerland Lemon -- Steel

A Turkey Lemon -- Egyptian Bird