Hope everyone had a nice holiday. I will be posting things over the next two weeks, so keep checking the blog for updates. For anyone who requested, you'll receive an email when your request is posted, assuming that I accepted it of course! This year I'm a bit all over the place so please bear with me!

Also I had a question about previous requests. I have quite a few unfinished pieces that I absolutely intend on finishing. January will be a less busy month for me, so I will be updating the blog throughout that time.

Thanks to everyone who sent in an email - I appreciate how supportive you all are. It means so much to me!

-- Strangely Overcast


A List of my Hetalia smut, all of which have either OCs or reader-inserts~

An America Lemon -- Elevator

An America Lemon -- Free

An America Lemon -- Indian Summer

An America Lemon -- Listening (to your heart)

An America Lemon -- Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

An America Lemon -- Sexy Bananas

An America Lemon -- Trembling Thunder

An America Lemon -- Windswept

An America and England Lemon -- Gone Like July

An Austria Lemon -- Misfit Me

An Austria Lemon -- Nefarious

An Austria Lemon -- Thunderstorms Are Big Turn Ons

A Bad Touch Trio Lemon -- Fire, Ignited

A Canada Lemon -- Higher

A Canada Lemon -- Homemade Horoscopes

A Canada Lemon -- Like Comets, We Collide

A Canada Lemon -- One

A Canada Lemon -- Wine And Other Things

A China Lemon -- Contact

A China Lemon -- Republic of China

A China Lemon -- Tangled With Silk

A Denmark Lemon -- Cycle

An England Baby Daddy -- Drug Me Silly

An England Baby Daddy -- Plans Gone Awry

An England Lemon -- The Christening of the Counter

An England Lemon -- Diversion

An England Lemon -- Falling Backwards

An England Lemon -- Fever Pitch

An England Lemon -- Rocking the Boat

An England Lemon -- Rough And Tumbled

An England Lemon -- Synchronized

An England Lemon -- Something Like Inspiration

An England Lemon -- The Very Important Interruption

An Estonia Lemon -- Chilled Tea

A Finland Lemon -- Christmas Fever

A France Baby Daddy -- Tough Love

A France Lemon -- Along The Seine

A France Lemon -- Champagne

A France Lemon -- City Of Love

A France Lemon -- Flyaway

A France Lemon -- Liaison

A France Lemon -- Roses Red

A France Lemon -- Sea and Sky

A France Lemon -- Stay-In-Bed Mornings

A France Lemon -- Trembling Sparrow

A France Lemon -- 50,000 ft.

A Germany Baby Daddy -- Built With Love

A Germany Baby Daddy -- Italian Culture

A Germany Baby Daddy -- The Schoolhouse

A Germany Lemon -- Allure

A Germany Lemon -- Brand New Car

A Germany Lemon -- Bubble Baths

A Germany Lemon -- Drift, Darling

A Germany Lemon -- Early Mornings

A Germany Lemon -- Red Stilettos

A Germany Lemon -- Sandpaper

A Germany Lemon -- Stinging Fantasies

A Germany Lemon -- Surrender Your Soul

A Germany Lemon -- Transform

A Germany and Prussia Lemon -- Iron and Blood

A Greece Baby Daddy -- Viridian

A Greece Lemon -- Athens Is Falling

A Greece Lemon -- Oh Athens, Sweetly Rising

A Hong Kong Lemon -- Express Me

An Iceland Lemon -- Cold

A North Italy Baby Daddy -- Nine Months

A North Italy Lemon -- Sing, Sweet Hummingbird

A North and South Italy Lemon -- Imprints

A South Italy Lemon -- Rage

A South Italy Lemon  -- Quake

A Japan Baby Daddy -- Of Bloody Noses

A Japan Lemon -- Oh! Velveteen

A Japan Lemon -- Wrapped

A Lithuania Lemon -- Burning Bridges

A Prussia Lemon -- Caging Thunder

A Prussia Lemon -- Conquer

A Prussia Lemon -- Craving His Jealousy

A Prussia Lemon -- Fester, Double, Shatter

A Prussia Lemon -- Five Minutes

A Prussia Lemon -- Of Bondage

A Poland Baby Daddy -- The Effects Of Dancing

A Poland Lemon -- Blushing His Heart Away

A Russia Lemon -- For Diplomacy's Sake

A Russia Lemon -- Russian Mornings

A Russia Lemon -- Spooned

A Scotland Lemon -- The Hunger

A Scotland Lemon -- Tempered

A Scotland Lemon -- Under A Highland Sky

A Spain Lemon -- The Art Of Being Spanish

A Spain Lemon -- Flight

A Spain Lemon -- Like Birds We Scatter

A Spain Lemon -- Paint the Rain

A Spain Lemon -- Relentless

A Spain Lemon -- Stacked Like Tiles

A Sweden Lemon -- Solemnity

A Switzerland Lemon -- Breakfast On The Patio

A Switzerland Lemon -- Hot Chocolate At Midnight

A Switzerland Lemon -- Induce

A Switzerland Lemon -- Steel

A Turkey Lemon -- Egyptian Bird