Hope everyone had a nice holiday. I will be posting things over the next two weeks, so keep checking the blog for updates. For anyone who requested, you'll receive an email when your request is posted, assuming that I accepted it of course! This year I'm a bit all over the place so please bear with me!

Also I had a question about previous requests. I have quite a few unfinished pieces that I absolutely intend on finishing. January will be a less busy month for me, so I will be updating the blog throughout that time.

Thanks to everyone who sent in an email - I appreciate how supportive you all are. It means so much to me!

-- Strangely Overcast


All my Naruto smut so far

A Deidara Lemon -- Hold You Captive

A Deidara Lemon -- Shades of Blue

A Gaara no Sabaku Lemon -- Ever Taciturn

A Gaara no Sabaku Lemon -- Fire of Suna

A Gaara no Sabaku Lemon -- Liquid Courage

A Gaara no Sabaku Lemon -- Hook, Line, and Sinker

A Genma Shiranui Lemon -- Friends w/ Benefits

A Hidan Baby Daddy -- Poison Ivy

A Hidan Lemon -- In Hiding

An Iruka Umino Baby Daddy -- Robin

An Itachi Uchiha Baby Daddy -- The Coming Of Clouds

A Jiraiya Baby Daddy -- The Power of Irony

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Just Let Go

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Love Roughly Gray

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Park Stroll

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Ragdoll

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- The Woes of a Hospital Bed

A Kankuro no Sabaku Lemon -- Four Letter Word

A Kankuro no Sabaku Lemon -- Lady Killer

A Kankuro no Sabaku Lemon -- Ties Of Lust

A Kiba Inuzuka Lemon -- A Different Type Of Desperate

A Kiba Inuzuka Lemon -- Crossed

A Kiba Inuzuka Lemon -- Love Like Liturgies

A Kisame Hoshigaki Lemon -- Training

A Madara Uchiha Lemon -- Walking The World

A Might Gai Lemon -- Love Silently

A Naruto Uzumaki Baby Daddy -- Electricity

A Naruto Uzumaki Lemon -- Believe It!

A Naruto Uzumaki Lemon -- Breathe

A Naruto Uzumaki Lemon -- Devour

A Neji Hyuuga Lemon -- Contagious

A Neji Hyuuga Lemon -- Consume

A Neji Hyuuga Lemon -- Coquelicot

A Neji Hyuuga Lemon -- Desires and Duties

A Neji Hyuuga Lemon -- Purr, Plea, Promise

An Orochimaru Lemon -- Justifying The Means

An Orochimaru Lemon -- Wasted Treasure

A Rock Lee Lemon -- The Handsome Devil

A Rock Lee Lemon -- The Morning After Syndrome

A Sai Lemon -- Charcoal

A Sakura Haruno Lemon -- Endure

A Sasori no Akasuna Lemon -- Entertain Me

A Sasuke Uchiha Lemon -- Hiding In Snow

A Sasuke Uchiha Lemon -- Sterling Silver

A Shikamaru Nara Baby Daddy -- Capitol T

A Shikamaru Nara Baby Daddy -- Clothesline

A Shikamaru Nara Lemon -- Private Meanderings

A Shino Aburame Lemon -- Butterfly Kisses

A Suigetsu Hozuki Baby Daddy -- Gentle Voice, Gentle Hands

A Yamato Baby Daddy -- Their Hearts Burn

A Zetsu Lemon -- How To Annoy Sharks